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Hi All,

I am a current user of a black iPhone 3G (8GB), and I've decided I would like to upgrade to an iPhone 3G (White, 16GB). I was wondering if anyone has experience doing this, or if it is allowed by Apple. I bought my iPhone 3G the day it was released in mid-July, but was wondering if it is a simple (or possible) process to go to the Apple Store, purchase the white iPhone 3G for $299, and then sell my current black iPhone 3G. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Since you have purchased an iphone 3G at the subsidized price, you will not qualify for another subsidized phone purchase for two years from the date of purchase (there is a small grace period of a month or two).

    You would have to pay the unsubsidized price of $499.
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    Thank you for your reply, that does make sense. Though I do have to say, doesn't that seem like poor business sense on Apple's behalf? Instead of Apple making $299 from me, they're making $0 (I most certainly will not pay $499 for the 16GB). You would think they would make an exception for customers who have already purchase iPhone 3Gs, and are looking to upgrade further. It's not like the demand is SO high that I'd be taking a product away from another potential customer, so I guess I have trouble understanding why Apple wouldn't be willing to cooperate. But, I guess that's a battle I won't win. Again, thank you for the reply!
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    ATT is subsidizing a portion of the cost of the phone regardless of whether you buy the phone at Apple or ATT. Because you haven't covered ATT's cost on the first phone, ATT is unwilling to lose money by subsidizing a second phone for you.
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    This is the way the cell phone industry works. It is not specific to iphone in the least.