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My iPhone powers off at, seemingly, random times. It should not power off at all unless I power it off. Any explanations as to why?

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    Without more specific information it's hard to assist you.

    First thing is it may be hardware failure which means you will have to take it to Apple store and see a genius expert. You will need an appointment first though.

    There a several things to try first though as I have seen, and also experienced iPhones where the operating system appeared to lock up at what appeared to be random times which would eventually cause the phone to eventually reboot.

    Usually though, if you pay enough attention as to what might be causing it, I was able to determine that it was a troublesome website or an application that caused iPhone OS to lock up.

    You can usually try several things to fix this.

    First try to work out what might be causing the problem by seeing if you can replicate what you were coin immediately before it happened. If it's an app that's causing the problem then remove it. If you can't work out what's triggering it then try a soft reset by pressing the home and power/sleep buttons til the phone reboot (you'll see the Apple logo reappear after the phone shuts down).

    If this doesn't work then try doing a restore on the phone and first set it up as a new phone, then test the phone and see whether this has fixed it.

    If this does fix it then you can try doing a restore again and instead of setting it up as a new phone use the option to restore from a backup. If the problem returns after you do this, then your software backup is somehow corrupted and you'll need to restore as a new phone and start resetting it up with all your old settings.

    Anyways I hope this helps you in some way
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    I can't help you... But I have the same exact problem... Worse part is that my phone is a replacement....
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    Do you have it set to turn off after a period of inactivity?


    Setting this to never, will prevent your phone from turning off.
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    Auto lock is only to stop the phone from going to sleep and not to stop it from powering off. If it is truly powering off then you really need to post as much relevant information as possible.

    Like have you been able to consistently repeat the problem and in your oppinion is there something that you think is causing the problem? Like is it happening after you run a particular application or is it powering off at truly random times?

    Have you recently upgraded your firmware and did it start happening not long after doing that? The more info you can give then the better your chances of getting an answer that will help you. Have you tried restoring it at all, either as a new phone or to a backup at all?

    It may also be a hardware failure and you may have to return it to either Apple or your service provider, espescially if it is truly just powering off and shutting down at completely random intervals.

    Anyway I hope this helps in some way at all
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    Meme Infected wrote:
    My iPhone powers off at, seemingly, random times. It should not power off at all unless I power it off. Any explanations as to why?

    My phone does this too, seemingly randomly. I have not been able to recreate the behavior intentionally, although it has happened about four or five times in the past two weeks. I'll pick up my phone and hit the home button, only to find that it is completely OFF, despite having plenty of power left in the battery. It's very odd.
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    Hello and thanks for the advice. I have been avoiding the option of removing apps/webpages and seeing the result as I do have quite a few. However, a couple of days ago I did remove many of the apps that I use little or not at all. This seemed to fix things until today when, again, my iPhone powered off on its own while sitting in my pocket. The iPhone has been reset, restored (using my saved profile). I suppose I should restore to factory settings and start over but I think first I will remove all the apps and webpages.

    Another question: Is there a listing or blog or anything that catalogs troublesome apps? I do not think that Apple is necessarily doing a full evaluation of apps in the AppStore. It is good that security issues are addressed for submitted apps, but there does seem to be a great deal of user testing of apps. Just my opinion.
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    my iPhone has randomly turned off three times just this week, and I have no means to replicate the course of events, since I found out after a substantial period of time (who knows, really) that it was off...

    On a weekday, it happened twice, with the battery fully charged, and on my office desk, not in a sleeve or case. Just yestereve,I found out with horror that my phone had been off for quite a while, as after I managed to turn it back on (always need to press and hold both Power and Home button for a while, then wait, then press something again frantically until it comes back to life), I realized I had missed an important business call in the early evening, and this is making me very, very angry.

    If I miss one more business/important call because of a hardware failure, I'm not going to be very happy on my next trip to the Apple store.

    How about requesting to see a "Genius" (what a terrible choice of terms for tech support) in a Store anyhow, to see if they will exchange the phone? Don't you folks think that the absolute impossibility of replicating the problem will count against me? It's still a flaw, albeit one Apple would have to take my word for.

    Also, since I have not purchased the iPhone at an Apple Store (impossible here in Canada, carriers sell them), will they still be able to do something for it, or will I have to go back and forth between carrier and Apple...

    Darn technology lol
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    I don't have much to add but my iPhone 3G shut down today while driving home. It didn't go to sleep as the home button, power button, both and holding both did nothing. Eventually the apple logo appeared and the phone vibrated twice (maybe three times) and it waited a little longer before going to the home screen. The phone wasn't on vibrate only. Was this a beep code? And the battery was over 80% full.

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