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I am attempting to upgrade my macBook pro that has 10.4.11 installed with OS X 10.5 DVD but the DVD will not mount. It just spins then dismounts. Tested other CDs and DVDs ( movie and music) and they mount and run just fine. Tried the Leopard DVD on another computer ( mac mini) and it mounts just as it should. the mac-mini has OSX 10.3. Tried cleaning the DVD, though since it is pretty new and mounts on the mac-mini the problem does not seem to be a flaw on the DVD. So I tried booting from my original MacBook pro Install CD, same..I hear the disk rev up 3-times then it just ejects. Tried safemode with Shift key. Still just ejects disks. Tried resetting PRAM, tried booting into Single user mode and running fsck -y ( since i could not run repair from the CD. tried Pressing Option-Command-Shift-Delete with the install disk inserted, same result-disk ejected. Tried but cannot log into firmware with Command-Option-O-F key combination during startup to reset NVRAM. Running out of things to try.

MacBook pro, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 2GB memory