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Hi all,

Is there a way in iTunes 8 to make a smart playlist that will track which audiobooks that I've started but not finished yet?

It is my understanding that iTunes tracks three states of iTunes tracks:

* New - Never read or opened with its track time marker set to zero.
* Unread - Started but not completely played through.
* Read - The track has been completely played through.

My audiobooks time to be large chapterized files. If a book is greater than 8 to 9 hours, the book is split into two or more tracks depending on the total book length. When I finish a book or book part, I uncheck it to indicate that is read (listened to) and to remove it from my iPod. I only keep my very, very favorite audiobooks on the iPod after they have been read.

AFAIK, there is no smart playlist field that indicates the new/unread/read status of a track. I currently maintain a normal playlist of books that I am currently reading but I'd like to see if this can be automated. Yes, I could use a keyword like "reading" in let's say the group field and then remove the keyword when done but this isn't much different than maintaining a regular playlist.

Any help will be appreciated.


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    Play Count can be used for whether it has been read (> 0) or not (= 0). There is nothing in smart playlist criteria that allows you to select on whether it is new or not.

    You can't really do this without having some manual mechanism. Perhaps one playlist where you add what you want to read currently, and another that criteria of that playlist but play count is 0. You can then sync the second playlist which will remove any read files. When you notice you need more you can add files to the other playlist.

    It's not the best but as close as you are going to get.