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I have horrible cell phone reception at home. I do have WIFI in my apartment. Is there any application that will enable me to make phone calls via WIFI using my iphone sort of like how tmobile has "hot spots"? I want to be able to receive phone calls on my iphone when I am in my apartment.
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    There is one VOIP app called [fring|http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=290948 830&mt=8] you might want to look into that does skype. Thats your only option since the phone portion needs the cellular network.
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    i want to maintain the same phone number as my iphone. only reason to use wifi is to improve my reception. i am aware of fring and skype. Problem with skype is that it will allow me to make outgoing phone calls but with the skype phone number and not my iphone cell number. In addition, skype does not alleviate the incoming phone calls to my iphone numbers. I just want to make my iphone functional when I am at home. i do have a land line that i can make outgoing phone calls. Ideally i want the same feature that tmobile has with their "hot spot". A feature that the same phone number can function via WIFI as opposed to 3G, Edge or GPRS. There are many dead zones in the US that iphone users can't really get incoming phone calls.
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    Does this TMobile hotspot calling feature work when not connected via a TMobile wi-fi hotspot?
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    it works in tmobile hotspots or anywhere with WIFI connection. The moment your phone picks up a wifi network, all the calls are over WIFI
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    On another thought is put a cell repeater in you place.
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    And a special dual-mode phone is required and based on this link, it will not connect to secured wi-fi networks for calls, so if your wi-fi network at home is secured (which it should be), you must switch your network to unsecured or purchase another router for calling purposes only that piggybacks on your existing secured wireless network.


    AT&T does not offer the same, and the iPhone is not a dual-mode phone.