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I am new to this discussion board and new to Mac's. I have iphoto and want to buy a calendar but I get this message: "The billing address does not contain a valid city/state/zip combination. Please edit the address and try saving again." The funny part is it is where I get my credit card bill. It is Pelican, AK 99832. Is there a list of places that they will not recognized?

imac, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    TO to the apple store to your account and make sure that one click is turned on and that your account and credit card information are all correct and agree with each other

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    My billing address is a PO Box address but I am not having it shipped to that one because it says that they will not. This is the message I am getting when I try to turn the one click on in my account. Address line 1, postal code, country code or Address line 1, city name, State Province, country code are required. In there Shopping Experience it states that you have to enter your address that you have with your credit card and that is my PO box. This is what it states:

    In order to process your order, we’ll need you to enter both your billing address and shipping address. Your billing address and shipping address should match the information on your credit card account. We do not accept PO Box or international addresses. Shipping addresses for all U.S. orders should be within the 50 states. All of your items will be shipped to the shipping address you designate.

    I don't think I can order from here if I am reading it right.

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    This is a recent change from the credit card companies as a fraud protection measure. Most will no longer accept a shipping address that is different from the billing address for your credit card. Most merchants follow this procedure. It's a pain but the merchants are protecting themselves from people who make fraudulent purchases using stolen credit cards that have a given billing address, but the purchaser wants shipping to a different address.
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    This page - http://www.apple.com/support/photoservices/account/ - covers the details and has an inquiry form that you can use if the information is not clear - or call the apple store - (1-800-MY-APPLE)

    I think you can have different billing and shipping addresses

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    I have read that link and it seems like I should be able to have it done. I scheduled a call with them to see if I have to call to place the order or if there is a way around this. Thank you all for your help guys. I will let you know what I find out.

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    Good luck

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    I still can not figure this out. I have tried a different card and it will not work. It states that my 1-click is enabled. I am getting so frustrated.
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    Check out this thread; maybe it will help.


    Good luck.
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    I got if figured out. I had to call them and have them fix something.