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  • rickhuizinga Level 1 Level 1
    I have this issue too. It's making my so sick that I'm about to toss my cookies.
  • Mark Biech Level 1 Level 1
    I have to mention again ... I think this has nothing to do will all the web clips etc ... I am suggesting that this is a mobile me sync problem. All my macs and an iphone that are NOT connected to "mobile me" are fine. The ones that are on "mobile me" loose all their cookies, including my iphone. Can anyone else confirm?
  • Roving Eye Level 1 Level 1
    As far as I am concerned the deleting of all my "Web Clips" solved the problem completely (fingers crossed!). I never have had anything to do with "Mobile Me".

    Bad luck, Mark B. I hope that your problem is solved soon.

    It would be great if this could be solved. I can't send reports to Apple as (fortunately) mine has gone away. The machine is wonderful, and performs well.

    Regular readers of this topic will know that my problem is Mighty Mouse's scroll-wheel.
  • Mark Biech Level 1 Level 1
    Dang! .. thought I had something .. the mystery continues! .. unfortunately ...
  • Hurley42 Level 1 Level 1
    I decided to delete every widget in my dock and had no luck. Every time I would reboot, everything appeared to be fine until I activated the dock.

    Due to one of my Macs becoming unstable for other issues, I did a complete fresh format and reinstall of Leopard over the weekend. The only thing I did not do with the re-setup was add any widgets to the dock (the default widgets are still there) and my problem is 100% gone. I have installed all other programs I normally use, including MobileMe. For me at least, the problem did (or does) appear to originate with the dock. Not that this will help many people - backing up my data, reinstalling Leopard (up to 10.5.6), and setting everything up took several hours, which I assume most people are not willing to do.
  • Roving Eye Level 1 Level 1
    My problem seemed (note the use of the word "seemed") to stem from Dashboard Widgets, basically web-clips within dashboard.

    Once I'd deleted those that were web-clips, and all other widgets that seemed to have been added- even though I didn't want them.

    So, clean up the Dashboard, and try that.... My Dock has never given me any problems.
  • Hurley42 Level 1 Level 1
    I meant to say Dashboard, not Dock in my previous post! Yeah, the dock has nothing to do with the problem.
  • rickhuizinga Level 1 Level 1
    After reviewing some of the other posts in this thread regarding web clips on the dashboard, I figured out what was causing the problem on my system.

    Although I don't have any web clips on my dashboard, I have been using the DeskLickr program to automatically & periodically download new images from Flickr to my desktop. I removed this program and no longer have any problems with Safari losing cookies and forgetting logins. It appears that cookies were lost each and every time DeskLickr retrieved a new photo.

    For anyone having this problem, you may want to investigate any item on your computer which automatically downloads new content.
  • Armen Yampolsky Level 1 Level 1
    I have been having the same problem as the OP on my home and work computers. I very recently bought a brand new MacBook, so can report that this occurs on a brand new machine. I have no dashboard widgets. I have no growl. I am using three sites regularly (New York Times, Facebook, GMail) on which I do not use the autofill feature, and on which I do not use the keychain to remember the password. It's just that I get logged off every few hours. Not so on Firefox.

    It seems like folks on this forum are reporting at least 3 different problems, with potentially very different causes and solutions. There's the autofill issue, the keychain issue, and finally the simple fact that sites log one out of Safari (by losing or corrupting cookies?) way too quickly. It's this latter that I am experiencing.
  • Ross Uni Level 1 Level 1
    I am getting this as well, have read through the posts but have none of the apps mentioned, only thing in common is OSX version.
  • Pawel Guraj Level 1 Level 1
    On 12.02 Apple has released security update.
    Among others there if CFNetwork update:
    Impact: Restores proper operation of session cookies across applications
    Description: This update addresses a non-security regression introduced in Mac OS X 10.5.6. CFNetwork may not save cookies to disk if multiple open applications attempt to set session cookies. This update addresses the issue by ensuring that each application stores its session cookies separately.

    This might be solving the problem.
  • Jay Contonio Level 1 Level 1
    It works! YES!
  • iayork Level 1 Level 1
    Tentatively, it seems to have improved things, but not fixed them completely. Safari still fails to login correctly to Facebook, though so far other sites seem to have retained password/login information. What are other people finding, three or four days out from the update?

    The problem with a sporadic problem like this one (and this is a problem that's pretty obvious from reading through this thread) is superstition. People do something random to their machine, and then, because it's a sporadic problem, it goes away for a bit and people think it's the way they held their tongue that fixed the problem. Look at the list of "fixes" in this, and also look at the long list of "Oops, I thought it was fixed but it came back" here and elsewhere on the 'net.
  • Frozo Level 2 Level 2
    Strangely enough, along with the loss of cookie issue I have been having, I am also experiencing the exact opposite with I will log off, only to return to the page and have it logged back in again. This will happen as I am sitting at the computer, so I know its not somebody logging in without my knowledge and forgetting to log me out again. I never told the site to remember the password either.
  • Pawel Guraj Level 1 Level 1
    In my case, all problems simple gone (as for 2 day intense testing). Have webclips in dashboard etc. Cookies in Safari are there all the time
    Hope this is persistent.
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