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    Yes - Just got the CD not found/software error but It's definitely working fine. Not happy!
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    Has anyone solved this problem. This is eff'n annoying!!.
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    Keith, ever since upgrading to 8.0 I've been having the same EXACT problem except that mine gets stuck on the "initializing" phase of the burn. I've contacted support multiple times, and they offered to refund me the 3 CD's I purchased through iTunes (for about $33.00 total) since upgrading, plus gave me a few song credits on top of that. Although I'm still frustrated with this bug, at least that's helped me not be so angry about all the wasted blanks I've gone though trying to see if different "fix" suggestions would work (& none have so far).

    In another thread, David mentioned that it might be the type of burner that's incompatible with 8.0 - a Pioneer. I checked what mine is, and it's Pioneer. I'm going to respond to him with that info in case it helps move anything along.

    I can't believe how long it is taking Apple to fix this. What makes me the maddest is that they don't offer an easy way to simply downgrade back to whatever version was working for a particular user to use until the problem gets resolved. In my research about this over the past 2 months, it seems that whenever a new version comes out there are always some people whose systems have problems with it. I think it's irresponsible of Apple to make it so hard to downgrade when it's still Apple software being used either way.

    I'll be checking in until this gets fixed. Thanks for everyone's input.
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    Ever Since updating to Itunes 8.0.2 I can no long burn a CD and have it play in the Car Any more. I wasted 15 blanks so far. I contacted Apple Support they had me reload the OSX from Scratch from the CDs that came with the computer. Did it work? No. Its nice to see that they test this before it launched. But I think they rushed it out due the Release of the Blackberry Storm. So just want to thank whoever for ruining my Imac. The Bright side is when you make a new commercial with the guy from Windows Vista in the Glasses and your Guy. Now both of them can say We cant Burn CDs any more

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    I'm nearing the mid teens with how many discs I've ruined. Any chance Apple might compensate with iTunes Store credits or anything of the sort? I'd just hate for this to go resolved, what with so many people ruining so many discs, and no fix in the visible future.

    As a temporary solution, I have burned a few CDs with 16x as the selected speed, but it's still hit or miss, (more often than not it's a miss).
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    Well i tried 3 more blank CDs now 18 are ruined. I love irony so i am going for Itunes 8.0.2 ruining all 50 of the Blanks I purchased. I loved the Simpsons spoof of Apple tonight it took the edge off this problem for the night. Does itunes realize the economy is bad and Blanks cost money.
    Hey Apple its Blackberry Boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Ok Seriously if your gonna put out an update that has the intension of ruining peoples Cd Burning ability its not very funny. I picture the programmers laughing as we burn and ruin blanks on a mass scale. I may glue mine together and make a CD holder. Its the holiday season you think im spending a dime with apple or itunes because of this? Im looking forward to Watching the Feed on G4 TV and them making this known!
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    Always X8 burn speed, Old versions of Toast showed that was the highest for my old fully spec'd iMac.
    A disc burner and CDRs might be up to x52 but the computer is rarely !!
    Mine works at X52, but Im not so impatient that I need it at that
    X8 always works and even with my Macs (see below) I never go higher
    A good way to check a burned CD is put it in a CD player, press play, then ffwd thru so you can hear it sped up, if there is any stuttering on the counter as it goes , Its been done too fast
    If it forwards and the counter is smooth as it displays time, its fine

    I store burning up so I can set stuff going while Im watching TV, not staring at the screen going "come on burn burn burn"
    Then theres no need to rush and risk having a load of coasters
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    I'm having a problem burning CDs and DVDs to back up iTunes also, and it's not a hardware issue, because I can burn CD/DVDs to back up everything else on my MacBook.

    I get an error message after iTunes reads my disc, and it will not burn the disc. This is only since the most recent iTunes update.
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    Anyone experiencing this problem. Downloaded 8.0. I go to burn and I get "files can't be burned. Computer not authorized." Gee, it was authorized with 7.0. Before I got this far I got "no device found" I have been messing with my computer for 2 dsays and I still can't burn due to the "authorize" prob. Why are MAC computers so good, and ITunes suck?
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    After trying numerous approaches on my Power Book including replacing the Super Drive twice, I've found this problem finally disappeared when I adjusted my disc loading procedure. I'll be curious if this works for others:

    When I insert a blank CD, a dialog box says, "You inserted a blank CD. Choose an action from the pop-up menu or click Ignore." The default action is "Open Finder," and I've left it there. And had problems. Now I still use the "Open Finder" default, but I navigate to the Finder window and click on the CD icon in the sidebar. Then I return to the iTunes playlist page and click the burn button. Since taking that extra step, I have had no problems burning CDs. It's as if the burn software didn't know where to find the CD until I clicked on it in the Finder sidebar.
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    i had the same problem. i went to apple store to the genius bar and they fixed my machine. he said he reset itunes to factory defaults. i don't know the details of how he did this but it worked. i hope this helps, good luck
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    I have recently just experienced the same thing, with the only exception being that the progress bar goes to the first track and does not move at all. Same deal with the details and with being unable to eject without reboot, etc. I called applecare only for him to be stumped after trying to burn another playlist, etc. He recommended setting up an in-store appointment with a genius as maybe it's hardware related. To test this on my own I downloaded a free disc burning application and tried using that. No problem. This would suggest the drive is fine and my instinct is that something is fudged with the latest itunes.
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    Just another one who can't burn to CD anymore! Never had problems before (unless I had a bad disc). I get stuck on initializing, and then the whole machine freezes up and I have to power down to restart. Why free CD burning software is good?
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    Also, how can I use my iTunes library which is on an external HD when I want to use a different version iTunes, which is on a still different external HD? (I restarted my machine from that HD so I could DiskWarrior the main machine's HD after I had to manually shut down a couple times due to failed burning.) The version of iTunes on this external HD is not the latest, so I want to try to burn using that version and not 8.2 which is the one that everyone seems to be having issues with. If I choose the library through Prefs>Advanced, nothing happens. I have no music listed in iTunes.
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    I'll at least add a solution so you don't have to restart the computer to get de disk out after "Burning Disc...Finishing" appears. PUT THE COMPUTER TO SLEEP THEN WAKE IT UP after that you can press the eject button and the disk will pop out. Hence, I have the same problem as all you with burning CD's. STILL LOOKING FOR A SOLUTION.

    Maybe it's an apple conspiracy to make us buy new HardWare! How many people you think have already replaced their CD Hardware? or payed for support? $$$$