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I'm new to Macs. I just purchased both an iPhone 3G and a Macbook Pro. I also have mobileme to automatically sync between the two. I recently noticed that ALL of my contacts on my iPhone are missing their phone numbers!! My computer has the correct contact information with all phone numbers intact but after syncing with mobileme, my iPhone remains devoid of all contact phone numbers. I've restored all factory settings and still nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions or perhaps a solution to this issue?

iPhone 3G, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    I'd start by exporting your address book to make sure that bad data is not synced back
    address book > export > address book archive

    Then I'd check if the phone numbers are on www.me.com that will tell you if the issue is between the computer and mobile me or mobile me and the phone.

    I would add a phone number to an existing contact and see how it shows up on mobile me and the computer to see if perhaps there is some issue with the way the contacts were first imported.

    I'd probably suggest cleaning your contact data. go to address book > preferences > vcards > check include notes then drag each group individually to your desktop to create group vcards then export one big vcard when you select all the contacts in your all group. then delete all your address book and reimport each group by double clicking the group and then dragging from last import to a newly created group.

    then forcing a replacement of the address book info from the mobile me preference pane > sync tab > advanced > reset > address book in the drop down and arrow from computer to cloud.
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    I have the exact same problem. In my case I was on a trip but when I returned the data other than notes for any contact was gone. I have synced it with no change.
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    I have the exact problem. I was using the phone fine for the entire day. Then the same day early evening, the contact suddenly lost all the phone numbers. First I suspected it was my low battery condition. But then I came home and restore my iPhone, twice!! Still the problem persisted. Data on Me.com and AdressBook is fine and intact. What could this be?
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    I got it working agin.

    What I did was reset all the mobileme data. Then force the new data from my Mac up to mobileme. I think mobileme data got corrupted somehow during the sync with iPhone.
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    I tried this and it didn't work. My favorites show up as numbers only all my contacts show no numbers. I am betting this is an apple problem, and that it is happening to a lot of people about now.
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    I've had this happen a couple of times on my iPhone 3G. To fix this problem, as it looks like a refresh/sync problem between the Iphone contacts and mobile me contacts as all contacts can be viewed via the mobileme website.

    Under Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calanders->your mobileme account there is an option to turn on/off syncing of contacts. Turn this off and then reboot/shutdown your phone and then return to the same setting and turn it back on. Contacts should re-sync and appear on the phone. This has worked for me on a few occasions.

    Note that I also have 2 macs and mobile all syncing correctly and the contacts are fine on mobile me, so in my case it was a refresh issue with the iPhone.

    Hope that helps.
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    I too had this same problem and the switching off sync on the iphone, reboot and resync worked fine as described above by Ahamay.

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    better would be if apple fixed that problem. 2.2 brought no change anyway...
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    I'm having exactly the same problem and I can't fix it. Really annoying!!