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  • Miguel V. Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    You realize what you just did?
    You as a user, stood up and gave us a solution to our problems when apple did not want to respond to its consumers.

    From one user to another, Thank you.
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    I ordered this [one| WFDZFYX8&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=358864801&pf_rdi=507846]
    It seemed to have better reviews especially about the pic quality, I will review it and post back after I receive it

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  • Alistair Windsor Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)
    The international crowd might be interested to note that the above converter supports PAL not just NTSC.
  • Dirk Eckert Level 2 Level 2 (330 points)
    Interesting topic.

    Being so upset about the loss of firewire, I missed on the video part, using composite outpur on my PB 12" too.

    So where does this eventually get to:

    -larger machine than the 12" predecessor
    -extra box for video instead of just an adaptor
    -whatever needs or comes up to be extra for firewire

    This machine is definitely a great step backwards in connectivity.....

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    Hmm...USB power is no good. With a USB MIDI Controller and external HDD taking up the 2 slots on the new machine, there isn't one left for this.

    Still need a usb powered hub for this or the apple power adapter for charging your ipod/iphone.

    As I mentioned before a scan converter is the solution, but it's not the point. It isn't a professional solution for a professional product.

    PS - Thanks for the report on the cheap scan converter.
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    hey Lougle, did you notice if the s-video looked yellower then the composite out on that box. I purchased a different box that had better reviews but the composite out actually looks better in color then the s-video, the s-video out has a yellow tint where whites should be
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    Thanks for the really informative post, Lougie - I'm glad you found a solution that works for you, and am grateful you took the time and effort to share your results with us all.

    Looks like it's about a $70ish solution (not counting tax or shipping). While that's still a great deal for getting connectivity to legacy formats (VGA, S-Video, and composite), I'm taking it as one more nudge in the direction of digital. I already have an external HDD that can stream movie/TV to s-video or HDMI (when I finally make that move), so my need to connect the MacBook Pro to s-video is limited. We were already looking to replace the s-video set in the loft with digital by the end of the year, this just cements it.

    As for the guy who made the remark about professional connections, that just sounds like frustration talking. I can't imagine any real 'video professionals' out there who, less than 6 months from the biggest switch in the history of broadcasting, is completely unprepared to work with digital signals. It's us pro-sumers and extremely low end of the professional food chain that are in turmoil right now, trying to use the legacy gear for as long as possible.

    Just as I have no more need for parallel, serial, ADB, SCSI, RF modulators, VGA, component video or coax, I won't have a need for s-video within a few short months.
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    Actually, I'd say it's a slightly more diverse group that can have issues with this. It's not really about "legacy" equipment; it's just literally when you need an analog signal.

    The biggest issue I see is for working with video mixing equipment. To get even a mixer with real VGA -- still taking analog output -- you're looking at cost around that of a compact car. Video mixers are still almost exclusively the domain of S-Video and composite signals. And there is still a need to connect to analog monitors.

    Now, I wouldn't even think of arguing that this is a widespread usage scenario. Instead, look at it the other way -- for people in this usage scenario, this is an almost universal problem.

    That said, because that need is great, these solutions do the trick, even if they're inelegant. And maybe that is itself worth observing: sometimes utility outweighs elegance or what might be considered technologically up-to-date.

    Oh, yeah, and I still use serial (the absurdly-antiquated MIDI and sometimes on its original DIN connectors, serial-over-USB as on Arduino), coax, and component. I'm all for progress, but let's at least recognize it doesn't happen just because someone says it has. Any equipment that bridges the gap becomes instantly valuable.
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    I too am astounded that option isn't there. I am a VJ and a video editor and outputting to s-video or composite is an absolute must have. Can't work without that option as we have to connect to TVs and Projectors where that is our only option. Apple must bring out an adaptor for his, i don't like the ugly tangle of cables of the PC-Video convertor shown, so want an efficient solution from Apple.
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    hey guys,, I picked 2 of these vga/svideo converters up, here is my quick review

    the s-video on this one looked yellowed, I don't recommend it even though the composite looked decent

    the composite and s-video on this one look great, stick with this one if you need to buy one of these
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    let me try this with the right links, lol

    hey guys,, I picked 2 of these vga/svideo converters up, here is my quick review

    the s-video on this one ref=sr132?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1226620692&sr=1-32 looked yellowed, I don't recommend it even though the composite looked decent

    the composite and s-video on this one look great, stick with this one if you need to buy one of these
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    Apple wasn't kidding when on the front page of the new Macbook Pro it exclaims: *"All engineered to standards that don't even exist yet."* This is in reality a good thing, someone has to push technology right? I mean... the PS/2 connectors on the back of every PC isn't pushing the technology of USB yet. Not the end of the world, the converter from newegg works great. Thanks for all who posted.
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    hey guys, the company that sold me the bad converter (with s-video yellowing) sent me a new one and it works great, I must have had a defective one, so, both of the units I have work the same, Just gotta return one now, lol
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    Hi to all and thank you all for your info...
    I have been trough this for weeks and finally I get this nice information.

    I think I will get PC to Video EZ from ( ) cheapper! and looks nicer that others found.

    But I am not happy using one of my two usb for power supply so I thought why don't use power supply from firewire or LAN. I found this info

    For firewire (400) but it may be possible to create it in firewire 800

    and from LAN cable

    ... both are used to power supply wifi routers.

    Does anyone want to enjoy the experience??
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    I recently purchased one of the new MacBooks with the Mini DisplayPort and am very interested in this discussion. I thought of another possible connection scenario:

    What about using Apple's Mini Displayport to DVI adapter, and then connecting that to Apple's DVI to video adapter ( )? This would then allow one to connect to the tv with an S-Video and composite.

    It looks like it should work, and would eliminate the need for a third-party attachment, as used in the above examples.
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