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    I really suggest you all to have a look at this:

    Spanish ->
    English ->

    What I learnt is that Dvi can be analog as well.
    * DVI-D (digital only)
    * DVI-A (analog only)
    * DVI-I (integrated, digital & analog)

    And don't mix the concept of cables and signal.

    In macbook pro, minidisplay port is digital signal not analog.
    in powerbook, we had dvi(analog/digital) svideo (analog) so no conversor needed.

    Correct me if I am wrong but it's what I've learnt so far.

    I already did what you said 'dmouck'; DVI from display port adapter is DVI-D (digital only) dual-link ; and DVI from svideo and rca adapter is DVI-I (integrated, digital & analog). as you see on the graphic on wiki, the don't match.
    I have to return these cables to apple

    About my last post I think is not possible feed power supply form another display. Firewire uses 12v and LAN any voltage.

    Good luck !!!
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    OK, so according to at least 2 people mini displayport -> VGA -> s-video/composite does not work. Does anyone know why? I saw one speculation about refresh rates, but I don't buy that. I connect my dell laptop to a tv and keep the refresh rate at 60hz with no problem. Clearly the displayport is capable of analog, as it is putting out VGA. Is it a driver issue? What happens if you run windows on the machine?

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    Well, here's the problem: you can't use any adapter to create a signal that's not there. Until we see that the TV analog out is actually getting sent through the weird Apple-only DisplayPort jack, it ain't happening no matter what you plug into it. (The solution above is actually a scan converter.)
  • w0den Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    So that suggests that it is a driver issue, the drivers do not recognize that a tv is attached, and do not send out the correct signal. Clearly they are capable of analog, and potentially capable of composite/s-video, but they don't recognize that they are plugged into one of these devices, and they won't output the correct format.
    Am I completely off base in that statement?


    BTW has anyone tried this:

    It seems nice and compact...
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    I can believe Apple got rid of the option of going directly to composite/S-Video with one connector! I hope the fix this issue on the next MBP 17 inches
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    The Apple Mini-DP to DVI Adapter (part Number MB570Z/A) is digital – the four small pins next to the spade-pin are NOT THERE. The DVI standard is DVI-D though the package just says “DVI”. Anaog is not implemented.

    Apple DVI to Video Adapter (Part Number M9267/GA) presents a Composite Video and S-Video output. However, the DVI standard is Analog and HAS the four analog pins mentioned above. The adapters do not mate - or work.

    Both adapters are labeled, DVI. I guess I am naïve to assume that DVI should be DVI.

    A simple plug conversion won't work. My understanding is that the Mini-DP is digital only.
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    Same here...

    I ordered both the DisplayPort>DVI and the DVI>S-video converters from apple, but unfortunately, it didn't fit ... and thus it didn't work!

    So don't try that one
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    I second everyones appreciation of Lougle's efforts to find a solution, and I too recently got the Mini display port to DVI and DVI to video connectors from Apple only to find that $50 later I still didn't have a solution...

    This is going to sound stupid but i'm wondering if you break off the four little pins around the horizontal piece of the DVI to video conncector and force the two together would you end up with a video signal? Or is this just a digital to analog problem with no solution other than a powered converter box?

    Let me also add that my new macbook is my first mac ever, and with all the effort that went into these computers I am really shocked that Apple chose to completely toss out analog video support. I guess i'll continue to pull out my Windows XP DELL with S-Video out built right into the side.
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    This is going to sound stupid but i'm wondering if you break off the four little pins around the horizontal piece of the DVI to video conncector...

    Those are the pins that carry the analog signal that the s-video and composite connections require. You would effectively cut out the video signal you're trying to pass through.

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    Hello Lougie!
    great technical piece! Know anything about ADC connectors? I wanted to get a new MacMini with the new Mini-Display output, but it didn't appear today, sooo I will get a MacBook. BUT I want keep using my fantastically reliable 22" Cinema Display. It has an ADC connector though. Is there an adapter out there for ADC to MiniDisplay? Or would MiniDisplay to DVI to ADC (2 adapters) work? any ideas Apple? thanks for the help!
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    Hey why is it that no one from Apple has replied on this topic? Does anyone reckon they'll actually bother to bring out a Mini DisplayPort to Composite/S-Video adaptor? Or will it be down to some third party?
    Judging by the amount of traffic on this issue on lots of forums it's obviously in demand. Perhaps this adaptor links in to DRM issues and controlling what kind of output you can actually get out of your MacBook... Hmmm
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    This will not work b/c 1st of all, the adapters won't mate: The Apple DVI-D has no receptacle pins for the 4 ANALOG pins surrounding the flat spade contact. Therefore, when you try to plug into it the Apple DVI-A male connector, there's no place for those 4 pins to seat, thus they won't mate up properly.
    Secondly, w/o those analog signals from those missing pins, it cannot drive an analog TV input.
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    Thanks for the good review! But why in your opinion that simple VGA to s-video cable didn't work??
  • TommeeT Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi Lougle! Thanks for putting up this solution. Can I ask:

    i) Do you know why you couldn't get video out when you connected the Mini DisplayPort VGA adapter to a simple VGA to s-video cable? VGA is an analogue signal after all...?

    ii) Is it still working OK & what's the picture quality like compared to VGA/DVI?

    iii) How do you rate the new MBP compared to the old one with FW400 and S-Video/Component out?

    Thanks for all your help bro. Know they're a lot of people out there who've been really grateful for your post. I mean you've shown that it's possible even though Apple peeps are silent and pretty unhelpful on this issue...

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    Lounge's act of despair is exactly what the message to Apple should be. "Old" technology shouldn't be so costly, not this soon at least! This situation is silly with the adaptors. Thankfully I still have one of the last MacBook Pros with the DVI so this shouldn't really be a problem for me. Anyway Apple should make such an adaptor as soon as possible.
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