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    Everything above is right on the money. I've made several trips back and forth both to Apple and Radio Shack and collected tons of misinformation and a gaggle of connectors and adaptors: none work. A long call to Apple resulted in them telling me my TV was at fault and to call the manufacturer.
    I was trying the following:

    mini display port adaptor to DVI, a cable DVI to HDMI cable. Could get a nice picture on my TV but had no refresh and only showed the desktop. I had previously tried all of the adaptors mentioned above except the one recommended by Longle. I will try that next. What disappoints me is that Apple tech support in the store and the 800 number seem to be totally in the dark about this. Thank you for the solution and the links.

  • jake the ripper Level 1 (0 points)
    I ordered this product from microcenter..

    When i hooked everything up the display was there just black and white and it kept flashing.
    I have the VGA adapter from apple.
    Does this seem to be a problem with my macbook pro or is it a problem with the product..
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    Check out for the pc to video convertor that you need. Its way cheaper than anywhere else. Also put in a VGA (hd15 I believe) gender convertor to get rid of the cable that goes between the mac vga adapter and your pc to video box. Makes it a much cleaner setup and pretty portable too. I already had the minidisplayport to vga adapter but the rest of it cost me a total of $34.00 shipped. Not too bad I guess though I'm still ****** apple has made me resort to this.
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    I just got my new MBP yesterday and was pretty upset when I realized my MiniDisplayPort->DVI > DVI>Composite adapter plan wouldn't work.

    I'm also a VJ and use MBP's to perform live, an S-video/composite output is essential. I was already miffed when Apple got rid of the S-video out moving to the original MBP's.

    However, I've done a lot of reading on different forums over the last few days. It seems to me that in earlier models, there was some sort of internal analog processing going (hence the DVI-I). I suppose it's reasonable to expect Apple's roadmap to move towards exclusive digital processing for their laptops. It is also reasonable to expect that VJ gear will follow suit, I expect we'll see more mixers with VGA inputs in the future. (An Edirol V-8 already has this)

    Back to my situation as a VJ, I did a bunch of research on (searched for Macbook Pro and scan converter), I found that there are a number of solutions out there. Yes, they all require hooking up some sort of box, some are cheap, others expensive. But I plan to bite the bullet, and just get the third party product I require.

    btw, I'm mostly settled on one of these:

    A little pricey but I don't trust a cheap converter to perform live with.
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    When i hook my converter box up it displays "color bars" what is wrong with my setup?
  • viberation Level 1 (0 points)
    Some scan converters have a color bar test output feature like you describe.

    It would help if you posted the exact model of scan converter you're using.
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    Lougle's been very quiet since his awesome post got the ball rolling. Wonder how his scan converter solution is doin... Whassup bro?

    I had the same issues as you all - trying to get video output so I could connect a new unibody MB Pro to an Edirol V4.

    I picked up a neat little scan converter (GrandTec Grand Hand View) going cheap but when projected up large the resolution was really pretty dismal. Pretty unusable.

    Would definitely reccomend the Kramer Video Scan Converter, BUT... they're well pricey. Over here in NZ the VP-501xl is NZ$ 845 + GST & the VP-502xl is NZ$1,080 + GST (12.5% tax). No doubt way cheaper in the states...

    Apart from that maybe you should get used to using VGA output rather than the inferior quality S-video/component. That's the way things are clearly going (especially with this DRM BS goin' on). Or hope that Apple or a 3rd party manufacturer comes up with a Mini-Display port adapter - don't hold your breath though!

    In the end I guess you gets what you pays for...
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    Hrm...I got my Kramer VP-501xl from for $349 (have the website email you a lower price), they ship to New Zealand, and it's NTSC/PAL so it would work.

    In any case, That little box did the trick, I already bench tested it against my other (older) MBP's with my V4/projection setup and the scan converter works perfectly, better than what's built into the older models.

    So yeah, and extra wad of cash and now my MBP's tethered to an additional little box, but otherwise I'm stylin'. Taking it out for a gig this weekend, Shazaam!!!
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    am using MacBook Pro for VJing so that S-video is must need interface for me.
    And I can not change my old macbook to latest one at this moment.

    Back in more than 5 years ago, I used down scan converter for VJing to convert Analog RGB to S-video or composite. I still own converter but basically I hate it based on some bad experiences.

    Now I have curious for USB to Analog RGB or DVI interface such as display link.

    These adapter can output DVI-I so that I assumes it can connect current apple DVI to S-Video/composite adapter.

    some of the adapters are 100-200 USD in Japan.
    This could be other option what I thinking.
    Does anyone tried this method already?

    I hope my English is understandable for native speakers...
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but why wouldn't this adapter work?:
  • TommeeT Level 1 (0 points)
    Because it's a Micro-DVI adapter not a Mini-Display Port adapter. These are only available for DVI & VGA. [Check through all the previous posts above.]
  • AppleIIme Level 1 (0 points)
    I assure you I read all 5 pages before posting, but was wondering if they were now outdated and whether Apple had since released the adapter. The reason I was/am confused is as follows:

    1. The accessory page says "designed to fit the slim profile of MacBook Air", so we know it is compatible with the Air.
    2. I therefore looked at an image of the Air's ports and it only shows a "Mini DisplayPort":
    3. Wondering if there is another Micro-DVI port on the Air, I checked the text of the Air's webpage, which says, "all the ports you really need: a USB 2.0 port, a headphone jack, and a new Mini DisplayPort that supports DVI, Dual-Link DVI and VGA video output".
    4. The word "micro" isn't mentioned at all, ergo Apple imply the Air's micro-DVI port is the same thing as the depicted Mini DisplayPort.
    5. Even more confusing is some pictures on Google show the Air with a Micro-DVI port! ons.jpg

    All I can now conclude is Apple have discontinued Micro-DVI with the new Air, but have yet to update the S-Video adapter?
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    I see where you might be getting confused, the generation 1 Macbook Airs did, in fact, use a Micro DVI port (Different from Mini Display Port). After releasing the new line of Macbooks, Apple updated the hardware in the Macbook Air. Thus causing it to now have a Mini Display port, and not a Micro DVI port.

    In general though, unfortunately technology evolves, causing the user to have to develop work-arounds in order to suit their solution.

    All in all though, I would definitely purchase such a Mini Display Port to Composite/S-Video adaptor.
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    There is one thing that has yet to be mentioned here, which is HDCP.

    The mini DisplayPort has a chip made by intel that limits the types of devices that can decrypt its signal. According to the Wikipedia article on the mini Display Port, this is a known compatibility issue with the protocol and has been a problem since the get-go.
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    I too am looking for an inexpensive solution to connect my new macbook pro to my 5 year old TV which only has composite video input.
    Has anyone tried the combination of these two cables? Would this work?
    Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter
    Apple DVI to Video Adapter
    If anyone has tried this please post results
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