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I am a photographer and have been experiencing issues when trying to copy or move files from my compact flash cards or my viewer HD device. Both my Sandisk reader and the epson connect to my iMac through USB (rear ports) and during the copy process, I get messages that one of the files are in use, and the rest of the copy is aborted. Since the copy process doesn't work in a numerical or filename fashion, I have to look through each file that has been copied and try to identify which files were missed. The weird thing is that if I try to copy the file that was mentioned in use, it works fine

I am copying to a USB External drive, connected to my Airport Extreme. I've encountered the same things when the HD was connected directly to the iMac.

I am getting very frustrated with this process, and am looking for insight on how to make this go away, or at the very least, is there an application that will copy/move and verify the files before exiting? I can't help but think that I may have missed files here and there, and those files could be now lost memories.

Any help would be appreciated

imac 24 alum, Mac OS X (10.5.5)