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I can't find a forum to make suggestions for iPhone improvements - this seems the best choice - hopefully Apple engineers browse this too.

When the iPhone is locked and password protection is on (required by some companies who allow corporate mail to be received on the iPhone), no one can get to the Contacts list on the phone. I would strongly suggest that Apple has an icon for an "Emergency" phone number that can be dialled without having to enter a password.

I believe that emergency personnel look for an "ICE" (In Case of Emergency) phone number to call if the bearer of the phone is incapacitated. If the phone is locked this can't be done.
Hence, it makes sense to have an ICON that allows an emergency phone number to be on the screen where the user types in the password. In case of an emergency, someone can move the slider to the right and unlock the phone. However, since they don't know the password, they can tap this new Emergency Icon to call some number.

If the iPhone is lost and falls into the hands of someone honest, then this is also a way for that person to contact the Emergency Number to return the iPhone to its rightful owner.

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