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Is it possible to create an 'ad hoc' network using an iPhone and a Mac mini as communicators
Because the thing is that I am going to build a mac mini into my car and to control the pointer, I plug my iPhone in the dashboard and use it as trackpad, but what i heard was that it is not possible to use the USB cable for trackpad usage, so someone told me to create an 'ad hoc' network between the Mac mini and iPhone.
I know there excist USB trackpads, but i prefer my iPhone to takeover the job

Any help is welcome

PS: i don't have a mac mini yet so i can't tell if an answer will work or not.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    Yes, you can setup the Mini to use the internal AirPort wireless interface to communicate with Touch Remote via WiFi.

    In Mini turn AirPort on, go into System Preferences > Network > Configure AirPort. Select TCP/IP > IPv4=manual, IP address = Mask =

    Then in Touch WiFi Networks select you Computer, IP Address = Static, IP Address = Mask =

    Go through the Touch Remote setup and should be connected. I just tried it and it works. Good Luck.
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    I have the mini in my car, works awesome!!! I know how to make ad hoc networks and they work great in the car also. I mainly use Front Row for everything. I also use VLC player because it lets you make music video playlists and play them randomly. I created the ad hoc network and the itunes remote and the mouse apps work great. However, I can not get the computer to connect to the ad hoc network on startup. I have to choose it every time i log on. I have a "catscratch" pad mounted in the pocket of the car which works well. They are pricey but my boss ordered one for a customer and then the guy didnt need it to donated it to my project. It seems no one knows ad hoc that well. I am currently trying to create an automator list that I hope will handle everything. FYI Don't upgrade to iTunes 8, I did and now everytime I log on it tells me iTunes can not contact the iTunes store which freezes iTunes and front row until you acknowledge it. email me and we could through back and forth ideas, dconca @ mac . com