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Hi Everyone,

I am attempting to connect a 15" Apple Studio Display to my 15" G4 iMac running 10.4.11.

I am doing this via mini VGA-VGA cable-Gefen VGA to ADC converter Box-Studio Display.

I know all the components to be in working order as the set-up worked when tested on my 15" MacBook pro. (With the exception of the mini VGA connector which was clearly unnecessary.)

Here is the problem. Under my display preferences on my iMac there is no "detect displays" button. Thus there is also no "mirroring" set of options. All I want to do is mirror the display as my internal monitor has significantly dimmed. When hooked up, my iMac does not recognize the external monitor.

I have also tried reinstalling the system, but the only options I have under "Display" are "Colors" and "Refresh Rate". The display control panel in my MacBook Pro shows "Detect Displays" even when no external monitor is plugged in.

Any idea how I can fix this? I'm confident the iMac will be able to recognize the external monitor if I had this set of options.

Thanks so much!

iMac G4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Sorry to inform you of this but the iMac ONLY has the ability to mirror the internal display to the external display. There are no other options.

    Only displays which support the iMac's display resolutions and frequencies will work.

    When you tested it with your MacBook Pro, did you use the mini-DVI to VGA cable OR the mini-DVI to DVI cable?

    The iMac's mini-VGA connector may not support the proper signals to drive that VGA to ADC converter.
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    Thanks for your response. As I mentioned in my previous response, my only aim is to mirror the original display. I am aware that there is no option for an extended desktop on my particular iMac.

    To hook up my MacBook pro, I used the VGA adapter (cable) that came with my MacBook.

    Also, I'm still unclear as to why their is no "detect display" option in my preferences. Surely others have connected external monitors/projectors to their iMac G4? I've seen discussion threads about this. And unless I'm confused, which is entirely possible, the only way to do this is through the mini VGA port.

    I'd appreciate any additional support you can give. Thanks so much!
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    There is no "Detect display" because as soon as you connect a compatible display the image is shown on that display. There is no need to have a button when there are no options provided.

    I have connected projectors to my iMac G4 with no problem. But I made sure that the display was compatible with one of the display resolutions/frequencies used by the iMac. Also the projector had a VGA input.

    To hook up my MacBook pro, I used the VGA adapter (cable) that came with my MacBook.

    The cable that came with the MacBook or MacBook Pro is a mini-DVI to VGA cable.