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I have a sony HDD handy cam (60gb). I just copied all the video from it to my computer and hit a wall. Nothing will open the files. The file extension is .mpg, but they won't open up in quicktime, nor are they recognized by iMovie, iDVD. Did I miss something? I've tried to retrieve the info through both programs, from the camera directly but no go.

I was pumped to get some DVD's burned today but was sorely disappointed.


imac, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 Level 6 (19,450 points)

    I would download MPEG-Streamclip to convert the files so that QuickTime can play them
    and then to streamingDV for iMovie or iDVD.

    Google MPEG-Streamclip free and download this.

    Yours Bengt W
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    This didn't seem to work. When I tried to open a clip and play it all I saw was the meter in the middle to the screen moving as if it was playing the clip, but there was no sound or video. why is it that mac's are suppose to be "multimedia superstars" but opening a universal video format is tall order?

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    download handbrake.
    It will convert your MPG to MP4 for importing into IMOVIE.
    My only work around at the moment and I am new to MACS.
    I believe Toast 9 Titanium is a great all in one bar the decryption bit.
    Have a go!
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    Hi, Not sure if you figured this out but I do something similar all the time so I thought I would help. You FIRST have to download something called the "MPEG component" from apple. The link is below. It's $16 or something.
    This will allow your mac to deal with these mpeg files. Now Streamclip will easily convert them to a bunch of other formats. I find that the best format is actually MP4. You might think quicktime format might be best but these are huge. Streamclip also has some good abilities to edit the files, to trim them. And it can convert a bunch of files at once, using the batch list. Once your files are converted, you can just drag them into either iMovie or iDVD.