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Hi- What happened to the dmg files that used to work on external dvd/tv players?
I'm trying to copy a dvd (home movie/ no copy protection) from someone abroad. The region seems ok, the original plays on my computer, plays on my tv via a jvc dvd player and another phillips dvd player.

I make a copy of the original dvd, via making a disk image; the file format is not dmg but cdr. Burn is ok, will play in the computer, but WILL NOT play on the same tvs with the phillips dvd player, or the jvc dvd player. Any suggestions how I can get this to play via the dvd players? Is it related to now having the cdr files?

In the past I've made lots of home movies and was able to burn them to a dvd and they would play on the same dvd players. I think the file format was a dmg though. ??????

powerbook 12", mirrored doors desktop, imac24/3.gh
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    Is this the procedure you are using:

    Duplicate a CD or DVD

    1. Insert the DVD/CD;
    2. Open Disk Utility, and select the DVD/CD from the left side list (select the DVD/CD icon on top);
    3. from the DU File menu select New | Disk Image from Disk 1;
    4. Choose to format the disk image as DVD/CD Master, name the disk image and click Save;
    5. When the .cdr file is finished select it with mouse and press COMMAND-I to open the Get Info and check the box to lock the file;
    6. Choose the .cdr file from the left side list, click Burn, and insert a new, blank DVD or CD.
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    Yes. I see that on the old powerbook G4 and the new imac, the process is a little different, but playing around with this I see that if I burn the cdr image to the dvd it's fine,like as a backup for the disk image, but I assume it's not meant to play in an external dvd player. Is that right? When I burn the contents of the cdr image to a dvd and just get the video__ts folder, then it plays on the computers, and it does play on a newer, cheap phillips dvd player but not on the older jvc dvd player. The original dvd I wanted to copy was from outside the US, so I'm wondering if it's a region problem with the JVC.

    Several years ago I did some work with imovie and idvd and burned dvd's and they worked fine in the JVC. The original dvd I was trying to copy today also works fine in the JVC. Just can't figure out what' the problem.
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    Well, without seeing the disc itself I can only assume that whatever is on it may not be compatible with an older player. And, it could be a region problem, but I don't know. Aside from the copy mechanics I'm not too much help.
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    Thanks for taking the time to respond. And for clarifying the copy mechanics too. It just wasn't sinking in that burning a disk image (one cdr) on a dvd has no chance to work -- it has to be the separate folders (video__TS) (my old ones also have audio__TS) that are burned.

    My JVC dvd player plays other home made dvd's....maybe this particular problem IS a region issue related to the original dvd I copied...

    Thanks again.--