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In reading the many issues on Apple TV purchases, it's supposed to work like this (correct me if I'm wrong please);

• Purchase a TV show or movie via Apple TV
• Apple TV syncs with iTunes and copies to the iTunes library on the computer
• iTunes now has a copy AND Apple TV has a copy (after "transfer purchases" is selected of course)

I wish my Apple TV worked this way.
Right now, if I make a purchase on the ATV, the TV show/movie shows up on the Apple TV and never goes into the iTunes library. Never. I tried the de-authorize/authorize trick with no luck. I have about $200 worth of purchases that are held on my Apple TV and will not go anywhere. I have a good wi-fi connection and can stream video from my Mac. I can make purchases on my Mac and stream them too. Just no ability to transfer purchases from my Apple TV to my Mac.

Anyone have this problem and better yet a solution?

20" iMac Intel Core Duo, Mac OS X (10.5.5), Apple TV 2.2
  • Alley_Cat Level 6 Level 6
    Is the iTunes library set to sync or to stream in the AppleTV computers menu?

    Don't change it - you might lose everything on AppleTV.

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    Of course I'm not there right now but I can say it might be set to stream. Interesting, I'll have a look when I get home.

    I won't change it!

    Can you tell me what would/should happen it it is "stream" mode and what would/should happen if it's in "sync" mode?
  • Alley_Cat Level 6 Level 6
    You can only have one itunes library that syncs (copies/mirrors) iTunes content to your AppleTV, it ALSO streams (transfers files as they play across the network)any content not synced (copied/mirrored) to AppleTV.

    You can have up to 5 streaming libraries too (these would appear under Shared Music/Movies etc).

    The 'reverse sync' of purchases from AppleTv to iTunes only happens with the 'sync' library I believe.

    When you set up a new 'sync' library it will delete any pre-exisiting synced content transferred from iTunes to AppleTV but I'm not sure if it also deletes AppleTV purchases - if it does you lose them all.

    Frankly purchasing on AppleTv is not as foolproof as it should be - there really ought to be a manual method (eg drag and drop) for getting purchases off AppleTV onto the computer to back them up. If they sync back to iTunes then that's great but if they don't there's no simple way to access them with the computer.

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    How do I stream instead of sync? I thought syncing was what I needed to do and I just watched all my movies and tv shows transfer from my apple TV to my computer, which now only has 312 MBs left. All I was trying to do was transfer my tv shows from my computer to my Apple TV. My music went. Other movies I had downloaded went, but not my TV shows. Why? Because Itunes couldn't access the internet. Why? Because I had to use the freakin ethernet port to even get the APPLE TV to connect AFTER 6 MONTHS OF MESSING WITH IT. Sorry, I'm just really frustrated.

    So please, how do I set my ITUNEs to stream content to the appletv, or am I stuck with all the movies having shifted from my apple TV to my computer? Shoot, forget apple tv, just hook up a mac mini to an LCD.

    I've been a mac user since 1995 and I find this to be extremely ridiculous. Especially since support comes from forums by other people, instead of mac technicians.
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    I kinda like the ATV, but am ready to return it. Why doesn't Apple make it work like the iPod where I can manually transfer music, movies, TV shows, photos, podcasts, ...? I have some movies on one computer and some movies on another computer, and no way to transfer them all to the ATV. Now I read that getting purchases from the ATV onto an external hard drive is also impossible?

    I will likely take the ATV back to the Apple Store this weekend and get a refund. Until they fix this issue. It is a silly software issue because I can manually move files with my iPod.

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    It will transfer/ sync back from the ATV to the iTunes library. But only for SD content. Not HD. I was baffled by this till I figured it out. Then I was even more baffled. I have HD content sitting on my ATV and a MacPro synced to it that is well and truly capable of handling the HD. This is a joke. A year ago this issue was described as temporary... I am waiting.
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    I do not even see an option for moving the SD shows. I am set up with streaming, and I bought a tv episode in HD. I did not think you had to purchase it on the mac. I have the episode on the ATV, but I cannot send it back to the Mac. So what you are saying is that this is impossible to send HD content back? That makes sense in order to prevent the movies from being stolen, however, it ***** if you make the mistake of buying a tv episode in HD. If this is the way Apple is going with this device, it is not worth having a digital library from Apple.

    The instruction manual for the ATV is poorly written and seems to be out of date as well. Apple needs to fix this situation, or they will lose out.
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    Yes you can sync you TV Purchase back to Itunes. I have just purchased all the series of LOST. As I have the 40gb version of ATV, I have had to removed all the LOST Series from ATV to my Itunes. Put Series 1 in a Playlist which is synched back to the ATV and watch. I works perfectly

    Good Luck
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    When setting Apple Tv up, how do I specify syncing rather than streaming? When switching from streaming to syncing, am I likely to lose all of the content I have already purchased and residing on the Apple TV?

    Thanks in advance for your help,