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I had searched a little bit and didn't read thoroughly enough =( about using a non-acetone nail polish remover. So I used one that had acetone...i only put a little bit on a cotton ball and rubbed the wrist area then immediately wiped it off, then rubbed it with water. It definitely got it clean but after reading about other people's experience with it burning a hole in the plastic and discoloring it.

I've been looking at mine closely under a bright light and haven't been able to notice anything damaging, but I am still a little worried. Has anyone else cleaned your wrist area with acetone in the way that I did and not noticed a difference?

I will definitely be buying the iklear cleaning product to lessen my worry!

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    If there's no harm done then you can stop worrying. Nail polish remover and the acetone inside it is volatile so it will have rapidly evaporated. Just don't do it again!

    Actually, at work, I use pure isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) to clean the dirt and smudges off my keyboard and mouse on a regular basis. The stuff we buy is for use in molecular biology, but is also suitable for electronic use. I wouldn't use it on an LCD screen, but it is a common cleaning solvent for electronic components since the pure stuff is completely anhydrous and evaporates very quickly.
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    Acetone will melt plastic if left on too long.

    Don't use Acetone on plastic unless you want to glue the plastic together.

       Joseph Kriz