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I bought a new iMac and am trying to set it up so I can use it to sync my iPhone (original not 3g) instead of the old PC we were using and are trying to phase out.

When I plug the phone into the iMac and try to sync, or even manually manage music, I get the message that "the iPhone is synced with another iTunes library, do you want to erase this iPhone and sync with this iTunes library?"

I don't care about losing the music/pictures that are on the iPhone, as I can easily re-add them to the iPhone. However, I DO NOT want to lose the contacts, text messages, notes, and other data that is on the phone.

I have found hacks online to be able to sync an iPhone with multiple computers continuously, however I am simply looking to CHANGE the computer my phone syncs to, not use multiple computers all the time.

When I moved our music to the iMac, I created a new music library because it was much easier than doing the "consolidate library" process that I have had a ton of problems with in the past. Is this now creating the problem with the phone?

We're slowly trying to move all of our products to Apple...but Apple is not making this process very easy!

Mac OS X (10.5.5)