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I encountered a problem with my iTunes library last night. When opening iTunes I got a message inviting me to select a library. I was given a choice of two, selected the likeliest looking one and sonn found that my 15,000 songs had been reduced to 3500. I am now unable to get my real library back.

My music is all in the appropriate folders and I have been able to import it all, artwork included back into iTunes but this has simply created a new library - without all the ratings and play history.

I've done a search for previous libraries and found one from a few weeks ago but I can't see how to 'import' it - I've tried to open it and it just opens iTunes with the 'new' library.

I know this isn't a huge problem but I've got two years' worth of play history and playlists and I'd really love to get it all back if there's a way.

Windows XP