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    Last night I found out anti-glare is available on the 15". This morning I went to the Apple Store to buy one and came out frustrated and empty-handed. Why? Because the design of this laptop is the busiest, most distracting, least minimal, and least sleek of any mac I've ever seen. The screen is surrounded by a thin black line like on the previous antiglare 15", but there is also a second black rubberized line that runs around the outer edge of the screen frame. Talk about a visual distraction: a screen image surrounded by black surrounded by silver surrounded by black surrounded by silver! The black keyboard and hinge are further visual distractions.

    I cannot buy a mac that interferes with my visual design-making: visual communicators need a clean unobtrusive plane surrounding their visual workspace—something every freshman in a good design school is taught.

    Again, I can't understand why a company that prides itself on good design choices and user-friendliness would make such an unuser-friendly decision, and such a poor design decision: form is supposed to follow function and busy hardware interfaces are not a functional choice for designers, photographers, and illustrators!

    Hopefully, an improved hardware design, more in keeping the the original mac philosophy of unobtrusive design, will become available soon.
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