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I am subscribed to some podcasts through iTunes, and downloaded them all to my iPhone. When I watch a podcast on the iPhone, I delete it. Sometimes I will watch some of it then delete it, or maybe I don't want to watch an eppisode of something, so I delete it, all from the iPhone.

When I go to sync the Phone with iTunes, it will put all those deleted episodes back onto the iPhone. Why would I want to see them again if I deleted them? I can't seem to find settings for this. Please help, it's very annoying and takes up space.

Windows Vista
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    Nobody knows the answer to this? I thought someone would be having the same problem at least.
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    I'm having the exact same problem and have been seraching for an answer for about half an hour. I could only find this discussion:


    but I couldn't get what the solution was.

    I set up the syncing for "all unplayed" episodes, but the video podcasts keep getting back to iphone from my itunes.

    If anybody have a solution I'd appreciate it as well...
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    I had the same issue on my phone and just spoke to tech support. You need to go into the home screen - settings - general - reset (supposedly you don't lose any data other than recent call log and any changes in preference to brightness, ring volume, app placement on the main screen)... then resync to your computer and the video portion deleted will be gone.
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    I'm not sure if 2.2 has altered this behaviour, but under 2.1 and earlier this is always the case. I've changed my workflow though to NOT delete them, but rather to play them right through (or skip to the end if I want to delete after half-watching). Then have the sync settings to have "unplayed". Thus all the "watched" shows will have playcount 1 and not sync back, while new shows have playcount 0 and do sync.

    This works, but isn't the optimal solution, especially with new over-the-air podcast downloads meaning I'll have to be deleting things off my 8GB iphone more often to make room.
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    Well, I don't quite care about brightness or ring volume settings, which I can rectify very easily. But recent call logs and home screen icon placements?? That I cannot give up!!

    So, that solution is absolutely useless for me, I'm afraid.

    I wish there were a more viable and easy workaround for this. iPhone manual says (I quote:)

    Delete a video: In the videos list, swipe left or right over the video, then tap Delete.
    When you delete a video (other than rented movies) from iPhone, it isn’t deleted from
    your iTunes library and you can sync the video back to iPhone later. If you don’t want
    to sync the video back to iPhone, set iTunes to not sync the video.

    But the Manual doesn't specify how to set iTunes to not sync the video.

    Plus, If I delete a dozen of videos from my iPhone, I will have to remember specifically which ones I deleted, and delete them (or set them not to sync -how?) before I plug my iPhone to my computer.

    All very inconvenient.

    Anyways... I'm hoping firmware 2.2 will shed some light on this.