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My phone was not working, and so I took it to the apple store nearby. Here were the problems:

-error message saying "this device not made to work with iPhone"
-would not charge when plugged into computer OR wall charger
-person on other end of phone calls said i sounded really far away and had trouble hearing me
-when i shut it off, it restarts itself immediately
-cant do a manual reset holding the power and center buttons at same time
-when plugged into the computer, mouse freezes, and a message appears saying ""power surge on hub port A usb device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port."

At the genuis bar they told me they cant help me cause that little water damage indicator inside the headphone hole is pink instead of white! I have never ever ever ever ever EVER gotten my phone directly wet. The only thing i could think of was the humidity in the bathroom when I'm taking a shower, and using the timer to use hair remover on my legs lol( i set the timer and use the hair remover BEFORE i start the water, and shut the timer off PRIOR to turning the water on as well). But i think this is totally unfair, they wont repair my phone, or even really look at it because of this supposed water damage. My phone has worked fine up to this point, and the thing that happened that started all of this is when i dropped it about a foot off the ground in a DRY parking lot.

Is there any way they will replace my iphone at no charge?

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