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Hey guys!

My iphone was unfortunately replaced not long ago. My new iphone however is not receiving mail like the old one - that is, whenever something is sent to me.

I have to actually open the mail app to get it, which means that important emails may go unnoticed

Does anyone have any ideas as to why my second iphone is suddenly doing this?

Can I tweak with the settings to ensure mail arrives when sent?



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    ...is this the "push" setting,... or is it to do with what email system you're using if you have a .mac account I think its instant,. whereas if you're using another say Gmail then yup I think you have to "click" to refresh it,.

    ...i think!....

  • dashingkangaroo Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)
    go to settings>fetch new data. if you have an email that supports PUSH, turn PUSH on so that mail is downloaded as they are sent. if the email does not support PUSH, then you can set it up to automatically fetch email at given intervals.
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    Your new one probably has newer firmware. With the latest firmware, Apple seems to have removed the ability for the phone to automatically pick up your mail while the phone is on battery and in standby.

    I think that everyone thinks this is a bug in the latest firmware, but after a month, Apple has not said anything that would confirm this, so I must assume it was intentional, and this is the new functionality of the device.

    Strangely they left in the settings for a fetching schedule, but it appears that somehow these legacy settings were left behind in error, as they seem to no longer have any function.

    If you need to be alerted automatically that you have mail, then there are other devices on the market with such functionality. I am now looking into getting rid of my iPhone and getting something that can check my mail automatically, as that would be really cool.

    What I find very strange though is that the device can still receive telephone calls and text messages while in standby and on battery power. Although quite useful (and very cool), these are features they could also have disabled if they really wanted to conserve power. Maybe they can disable these in the next firmware release.

    Having a device that can check email in the background would be a great feature that Apple should bring back. This would allow them to be very competitive in the pocket-devices arena. I believe there's a web page somewhere on this site for proposing such features.

    It is probably safe to assume that you have a computer of some kind. Until the major OS vendors decide to remove automatic mail fetching from desktop OSes, you can still use these to check your mail.

    Email is so 20th century anyway. I'm surprised anyone still uses it.
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    i've updated to 2.1 when it first came out and this function has been working for me without any issues. with push turned on its able to download my email as they are sent and it gives me the alert even while the phone is on standby mode so i dont really see any reason for him not to be able to use it as well.
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    You are one of the very lucky ones. See this popular thread on the removal of fetching:
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    that is quite a long one. i have 2 POP accounts setup for fetch and an exchange account setup for PUSH and i've had no problems even after updating to 2.1. thanks for the info though..Ü