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  • Oaks Mac Level 1 Level 1
    853 here.
  • aliciar Level 1 Level 1
    I have had my macbook since release and this has just happened to me today Not happy. Mine is 840

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  • Oaks Mac Level 1 Level 1
    Yesterday, I decided to archive my data and reload the OS.

    I downloaded all updates but did not load anything from the applications disc, such as iLife or any of my applications for work.

    My plan is to load one application at a time to see if it's related to an app.
  • Jacob987 Level 1 Level 1
    i almost always get glitches on this page (if i scroll using the trackpad gesture)

    it only doesnt happen when i put the computer through lots of activity just before loading the page.

    e.g. set many applications to load and press the reload button on all my browser tabs..

    must be related to some power-saver feature
  • Oaks Mac Level 1 Level 1
    I'm on the 3rd day since reloading the OS. It is still a minimal configuration. (Only default application installed from OSx install disc.)

    No problems yet.

    No horizontal lines.

    The Macbook wakes with no crash's after closing then opening the lid with and without the ac adapter plugged in.

    It stays attached to the internet when lid is closed but disconnects from software updates. I looked for a option so it would stay connected during a update but haven't found one yet.

    I'll re-partition my drive with boot camp soon if this continue to remain stable.

    I'm feeling better about my investment now.
  • Oaks Mac Level 1 Level 1
    13 days now. I've since installed Vista 32 on BC partition.

    All is well.
  • Andrew Allcorn Level 5 Level 5
    No change with 10.5.7. Distortion in previously mentioned places straight after restarting. FOR GOODNESS SAKE. It would be nice to know that someone at Apple even cares.
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