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I recently bought an Apple TV and hooked it up to my Sony 46" HD LCD TV.
My desktop is an iMac running Mac OSX Leopard
I have created a WiFi network using the AirportExpress conected to an ADSL router.
The wireless network is working fine and I have access to internet through my iMac or other PC and Apple laptops.
Yesterday, I tried installing my new AppleTV following the little instruction book. My problem is that while the AppleTV detects my network (it shows up as the network) and on choosing this network connects to the network but gives a message that it has not connected to internet.
As a result while it synchronises with iTunes on my iMac, it fails to download from the internet directly. I am unable to upgrade to the latest version or play YouTube or images from my MobileMe account or log on directly to the iTune Store.
I have tried figuring out the problem but unable to do so. Thanks for your help.

24" dual core intel iMac 320MB HD 4GB RAM, Mac OS X (10.5.5), Apple TV, Internet on Airport Express Network