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So I have a script, which checks to see if an application is running, sleeps for a few minutes and then checks again before continuing it's program. For the sleep, I'm using

"do shell script 'sleep 300'"

If I set the sleep value for anything less than 300 (5 minutes) the scrip executes flawlessly every time. If I set the sleep value for 5 minutes (my ideal value) it errors out. What's weird is that if I put in some dialog box displays at various checkpoints after the sleep, it executes without problem. Is there something important about 5 minute intervals in AppleScript that would be causing this?

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    What's wrong is that you're going about this the wrong way.

    Since you're using do shell script, AppleScript is waiting for a response from the shell. By default every action has a timeout value (so that AppleScript doesn't sit and wait indefinitely for something that's broken). That's what the 5 minutes indicates - up to 5 minutes and you're fine, but after 5 minutes AppleScript is giving up, assuming that the shell command failed.

    There are two solutions - one is to change the timeout value, but the better solution is to use AppleScript's sleep rather than call a shell script:

    delay 300

    Note that you can also use AppleScript date math as well:

    delay (5 * minutes)
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    I knew that AppleScript had a delay, but for some reason I recall the delay function causing applescript to either eat a lot of processor time or hang the cursor while it was waiting, which was why I was using sleep instead. Is this no longer the case?
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    Is this no longer the case?

    No. That was fixed a long time ago.