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Heather Jeffrey Level 1 (0 points)
My sister and I each got an ipod shuffle. mine works, on my computer, and the songs transfer wonderfully. my sister's song transferred the first time loaded, and we went to put some new different songs on, and they wouldn't go on. the song list would update on the itunes, but not on the ipod. but when I connected it to my computer, it updated the songs. she's moving out soon, so she needs her computer and won't be able to use mine. why won't they transfer?
  • Todd Craig Level 2 (360 points)
    Hey Heather,

    Welcome to Apple discussions!

    Your problem may lie with the fact that the iPod Shuffle only takes AAC-encoded songs, is your iTunes library a mixed bag of AAC and MP3 or other encoded songs? I tried to put an MP3 on my shuffle but the shuffle would not play it.

    Hope this helps,

  • CMar Level 2 (405 points)
    am a little confused as to which computer you are using for which shuffle?

    if you have your shuffle working with your computer and you attache your sisters shuffle to the same computer, can you copy the same playlist that you have to her shuffle? this would at least tell you that the shuffle was working.
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    As stated in the Itunes store and through my own experience the shuffle is compatible with the following MP3 files "MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR" As well as AAC (8 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Music Store, M4A, M4B, M4P), Audible (formats 2, 3, and 4) and WAV. Running a "mixed bag" of unprotected MP3 and ACC files and well as protected ACC files works fine for me. Although if they where encoded outside of Itunes it is possible they won't be compatible with the Shuffle. As Cmar said try putting the same thing that's on the working shuffle and put them on the faulty shuffle. IF the faulty shuffle still doesn't play than you can cross off the files being incompatible.
  • Todd Craig Level 2 (360 points)
    My point exactly fireman,

    Thanks for clarifying as I didn't explain my point the best earlier,

    Man I love this community,

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    The exact same thing happened to me and it has nothing to do with the types of files I'm using. I have been working on this for about 5 hours and finally, honestly, just took back the Ipod. The first time I loaded it up, the songs I put on went in. The next time, I went into the ipod playlist and deleted the files as per the help file. Then I dragged and dropped new ones. I would either get an error -36 message at this point, or it would say that everything is updated, but when I listened in, it had only the previous songs on it. I called Apple, was on the phone for an hour, reset the ipod, tried various things, and to no avail. Like I said, finally I took it back. The manager let me try to set it up on another ipod, and I had the exact same problem. It's not an ipod problem, it's a software compatibility problem. I know it's not a problem with the file types, because I used the same files that I had loaded up earlier, and this time they didn't load. I tried various configurations. Any help? If a solution to Heather's problem is found, I will go back and buy that ipod shuffle again. If not, then not.
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    If you read the original post you will see that she has two shuffles. One of them works and the other doesnt. Meaning it's not a compatibility issue.
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    Hi Firemandan. I don't know if your pointed statement of "if you read the first message" was aimed at me, but I think it was. If so, well, it was a little unfair, and really, somewhat ignorant. Of course I read the post. Here are the salient points: the ipod works on one computer and not on another. The most important point is not, in fact, that they have two ipods, but rather that they have two computers on which to test the seemingly defective ipod. But it ain't defective.

    On the sister's computer (let's call it exhibit A) the itunes looks like it has loaded up new songs, but upon investigation, nothing has changed. "The songlist would update on itunes, but not on the ipod" says our intrepid reporter, Heather. The other ipod, about which we don't know much, works on Heather's computer, but we don't know if it's worked on exhibit A. And I wouldn't try it, just in case Exhibit A is posessed.

    Well, it sounds like a configuration problem. Configuration problems are basically a form of compatibility problem, because if the ipod and itunes can't work with Exhibit A's configuration, they're not compatible. (I know, "compatiblity" usually means whether or not a program or hardware is supposed to work on certain machines, but basically it's the same thing in this case, human will notwithstanding.) Unless Heather & sis's computers are the EXACT same computer, with the EXACT same software and registries, this problem is most likely buried in the configuration of files, drivers, etc. that makes every computer as unique and special as a snowflake.

    So, back to begging for super helpful tech support.

    I actually took mine back, and won't likely buy another one (it is not essential to my life) but if some of the information from my experience can help Heather troubleshoot, what the heck.

    The pattern she has (looked like they had loaded but in fact did not) mirrors what was going on with my computer and shuffle. I spent a long time with a very helpful but ultimately baffled Apple tech guy, and we ran the gamut of troubleshooting procedures. No satisfaction. So I took that ipod back, got another one, and guess what: same problem. Not the ipod. It was the computer. And since the computer is relatively new, and tech guy and I did all sorts of interesting things to see if the computer was working properly, the problem, again, seems like some sort of compatibility between itunes and the computer. If we extrapolate this experience to Heather's sister's computer, this is likely a problem between itunes, the ipod shuffle, and poor, much maligned, Exhibit A.

    Here is something for Heather and her sister: first: you're not alone. It may be cold comfort, but this is happening with other people's machines. Second: have you read other posts on this forum? I suspect you have, but if not, take some time to do so, since there are elements of this problem mentioned on other posts. I found one posting that mentioned something about some virus scanners causing potential issues with ipod shuffle (I turned mine off and it didn't help, but who knows about your sister's snowflake). Tech guy said something about there being an issue with Toshiba laptops (which my computer is). Is Exhibit A a Toshiba? I went on the Toshiba help site and found no mention of ipod incompatibility. But then again, I didn't search for "itunes" which is probably the culprit. See if your sister's computer's company has any sort of information on their "knowledge base" relating to configurations and itunes. (I would doubt it, since what computer company wants to announce anywhere that their machines are in fact not compatible with some of the biggest trends in tech today?)

    Forums like this are usually pretty good. Thanks to everyone for constructive help. Firemandan, keep the condescension to yourself, okay? Be nice. Heck, you're a FIREMAN: chicks dig firemen. How can you not be nice?
  • firemandan900 Level 4 (2,505 points)
    I'm sorry I just get a bit aggravated when another loud mouth comes in here telling them that Ipods are all horrible don't waste time trying to fix it just return it. I see a lot of it and when some one goes after a case I'm working with it gets me kinda aggravated, especially when me and all the volunteers here put in so much time to help out any way we can. I spoke badly and shouldn't have snapped at you and must remember to always be as polite and courteous as possible to help to forms flow smoothly and we can successfully do Apple's job helping Apple's large user base out with their difficulties.

    What I really should have said is that if they have one computer that will work with Shuffle (A) and not with another shuffle (B) (with a different name) with the exact same playlist on it, same port etc. Than it would be much easier for us to diagnose potential problems eliminating many variables, so we can get their products working for them.