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As the title says, I had all my music highlighted and clicked delete by mistake and now my music is all gone from the library. I haven't synced my iPod so was wondering if there is anyway I can restore it from that? I don't really want to add all of the music again as a lot of it I had to change the title and artist information and it took about an hour or so of organising.

Windows Vista
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    I don't have an answer...but have similar prob. Hard Drive crashed and had to replace. U know had to reactivate ITune Library?

    PS This support net is not very user friendly. How do consult with ITune techs?
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    You'd think they'd have some sort of 'Restore from iPod' option. However, if they have, being Apple they should make it easy to find.
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    sharepod look it up its the best i use it and its free
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    You don't say if you still have the files on your computer? If you have, then I doubt you will have a problem just "searching your hard drive" for music files.
    You appear to be worried about "having to retype the titles and artist information"? I believe, (that is to say it works on my PC) that when you alter any of that information, it is stored in the tags of the file itself. So as you've already done that, the files tags will already be altered. I can check this by finding the file, right clicking (on PC) and going to "Properties". Find the "Details" tab and the information about the file (Artist, song title, album ect.) is there to be seen. You should notice the changes you made previously. I'm sorry I can't give anyone the Mac equivalent of this proccess, I'm not a Mac user yet

    If you can see the changes you made to your files, then it's safe to go ahead and make a new library. I would suggest, however, to thoroughly check your library before you sync.

    I hope this helps you out?

    Edit: okay I just noticed you are on Vista. Silly question, is your PC set to send files to the recycle bin when deleted? If it is, then the library file is probably just sitting there in the bin. Just open the recycle bin, find the library file, right click, and restore to original location. If you haven't got your PC to delete files to the bin, DO IT NOW! It can save one **** of a lot of hassle in the future
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    I still have all my music files, I only deleted them from the iTunes library. I'll try adding them again but I don't think it will keep the changes I've made to them. That's how my problem started, I also accidentally added all the songs twice and the ones I added had the unchanged track titles so it was hard to delete them (which then resulted in me deleting all of them).

    When songs are deleted from the iTunes library they don't go to the recycle bin, only the files do if you choose to delete them as well.
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    I have given myself the same problem by stupidly and accidently reformatting the external HD that contained all my music. Fortunately I have a backup of the iTunes library on 5 DVD's and so I have been able to restore the music part of the iTunes library more or less as it was before. I have also been able to transfer all my iTunes store purchases (both music and apps) from my iPod Touch back into iTunes. I believe that if I now sync my iPod Touch with the newly recreated version of iTunes it will delete all the music on my iTouch and replace it with that which is on the re-created iTunes. What I would like to know is does the sync process also delete all my photos, calendars, contacts and apps or is it only the music that is affected?
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    It will delete the Photoes, mail settings, apps (that you don't have on the computer), but Contacts will be copied FROM the iPod, as will calendar stuff.

    Go to the "Info" tab and make sure none of the boxes under "Replace information on this iPhone (maybe iPod) are checked. THEY SHOULD BE BLANK!

    Then you'll keep your contacts etc, and copy them to the computer