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  • lucboucim Level 1 (0 points)
    experiencing the same problem with my brand new MacBook alu. The computer seems to be going to sleep but when I take it out of my brief case it is very hot and battery is empty. Any solution to this problem...
  • Jose Salcido Level 1 (5 points)
    My new MBP is have a similar problem. I close the screen and the computer appears to go to sleep however the light does not turn on. It originally did when I first got it, day 1, day 2 comes around and instead of glowing, it flashes quickly before going out. Day three it glows but at the peak of the glow its flutters and flashes. Day 4 no light period. and now we sit week later still no light. I had appointment at apple store today and they thought it was caused by using migration assistant from a Powerbook. I wasn't sure, and the geniuses didn't have the restore software on their restore drives for the new MBP. So I was left to performing the OS restore on my own at home. I erased and installed OS yet still no light. So my guess maybe hardware? I haven't notice the heat issue on my computer however I have noticed the battery not lasting as long in sleep mode as my older powerbook. Any other thoughts?
  • Kevin Carlson Level 2 (475 points)
    products7074740 wrote:
    I to have had a similar issue. I closed the lid of my MBP (Late 2008) only to open it 10 minutes later to a black screen. I eventually had to do a hard restart.

    So, would it be right to assume that this is a bug which wouldn't be solved by an OS reinstall?

    Well, if it were an OS bug, it seems like it would be affecting all of us, but it's not. My MBP sleeps just fine. So I don't know. Maybe an OS reinstall isn't a bad idea. At the very least, it would allow you to verify that on a completely vanilla system, the same problem happens. But it sounds like people are having the problem on relatively clean machines. Which could, sadly, point to hardware issues. One of those "bad batch" kind of things. Others seem to be having the problem after using Migration Assistant. That's not surprising. You hear a lot of stories about files migrated from old machines taking down new machines. But the sleep problems on clean installs from the factory, that's more troubling.
  • ayn Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the new MBP (late 2008) and am having some issues with sleep and waking up as well. I've experienced the following a couple of times:

    - close lid to put MBP to sleep, return to MBP anywhere from 45 minutes to a few hours later, open display, heard the optical drive sound, but nothing in display, had to hard shutdown and turn it back on.

    - computer wakes up, display login dialog box, but trackpad and keyboard didn't work, this was after using the MBP with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for a few hours, not sure if that matter, I did turn off Bluetooth before I put the MBP to sleep.

    My last MBP was the June 2007 model, I had similar problems with it and it was due to Safe Sleep. Setting sleep mode back to 0 solved the problem, I installed Smart Sleep and that machine woke up flawlessly since then. I used migration wizard to transfer data from my old MBP to this new on, so Smart Sleep prefPane was transferred. I removed it completely and still got problems, so I'm going to re-install it to see if it helps, maybe migration wizard didn't properly install it, but I really doubt that is the case, prefPane just need to be copied into the right directory and it should be good to go.
  • nptski Level 1 (0 points)
    I found a well documented site that had some (I thought) good advice as far as transferring files and apps. Fusion takes forever to do a fresh install, XP has so many updates plus the install time, so I thought I would give it a try. XP kept choking the transfer and a couple of trys later the display was all gonky and frozen. I gave up and did an erase and a fresh Leopard install off the included disk. It continued to occasionally freeze on startup. I left the lid open last night on AC on my desk only to find a black screen in the morning. I have the pref set at "never sleep" while I am doing installs. I did swap out the memory to a 4 gig kit from Patriot which could be an issue. It is not all that easy with those tiny screws to change out the memory which I will do but Tech Tool thinks thinks it is OK. BTW, I have TechTool Pro but they have a ridiculous reg system. You have to have your original invoice to get the license. So ticked, at midnight to have to look for invoice which is always so available, I keep it on my nightstand at all times! They did a great job of keeping a full price user lock out of TechTool. What morons!
  • pedinolm Level 1 (0 points)
    I haven't noticed the sleeping/waking cycle, but I did put it in my bag only to find it burning hot and out of battery a few hours later. So, same issue here.
  • nptski Level 1 (0 points)
    BTW, I am referring to my new Unibody MBP.
  • nsnell19 Level 1 (0 points)
    I am having the same problem. I ordered the new MacBook Pro 15" (base model) from Apple directly on the day they came out and it just arrived on October 21st. My coworker transferred all my programs from my old Powerbook and everything seemed to work just fine until I closed my laptop this morning to bring it to work. When I opened my case it was red hot and my laptop was burning up and the battery was at 74%! It only takes me 15min to get to work so that's a lot of battery to drain in a short amount of time. I tried to wake it and it wouldn't wake up so I had to do a hard restart (holding power button).

    Now it is working fine but I'm confused because I didn't have any problems with it sleeping when I took it home from work last night. I took it out of the case and woke it up and the computer wasn't hot or anything.

    I changed my energy saver settings to "put the hard drive to sleep when possible" under both battery and adapter tabs. Everything else is left unchecked. I'm hoping this solves the problem.
  • ayn Level 1 (0 points)
    It wouldn't wake up again, this time it was due to a kernel panic, here's the panic log in /Library/Logs/PanicReporter:
  • czaffa Level 1 (10 points)
    Just experienced the exact same problem. Put my new MacBook Pro (2.8) in my backpack, went to class (where I did not use it), returned to my room about an hour later, the fans were running full blast, my battery had drained to the last two lights, and it was hotter than Scarlet Johansson. Opened up the lid to a black screen, prompting a hard restart. Battery was at 20% by the time things were up and running again... I've also had problems with the trackpad click, but being computer-less is an unacceptable situation for me right now (and being a custom machine would take at least a week to have replaced). How sure are we that this is a firmware bug, rather than a handful of defective hardware units?
  • LukeD Level 4 (3,120 points)
    I have tried to recreate this problem on my new MacBook Pro, to no avail.

    I would have to assume that Apple would release a firmware update that would correct this issue for those who have been experiencing it.

    Keep checking software update!

    Has anyone experienced this issue on an early 2008 MacBook Pro?
  • nsnell19 Level 1 (0 points)
    I just got off the phone with Apple Care and they had me take out my battery to rset the chip. I tested my computer by closing the lid and it seemed to sleep normally without cycling on and off.

    However, now I'm having lagging keyboard keystroke issues. Ugh!
  • LukeD Level 4 (3,120 points)
    It seems like updates are coming soon. Mac OS X 10.5.6 is on the way, and I am sure there will be some firmware updates too.
  • tekmoe_dot_com Level 1 (90 points)
    Just had this happen to me earlier. I ejected my external hard drive, unplugged my usb mouse, and put my MacBook Pro (Late 2008) to sleep by closing the lid. I put it in my backpack and left it in there for a a couple of hours. When I got to the coffee shop, I pulled it out and noticed it was extremely hot. I opened the lid and had a black screen. The sleep light was on but was not pulsating. I pressed some keys and waited a few minutes but the screen never came on. I had to do a hard shutdown.

    Not good!!!!!!!! I might be taking this thing back and waiting until Apple fixes this.
  • ThomasBrand Level 1 (0 points)
    Have you tried removing your MacBook Pro from any network wired or wireless prior to sleep. Stray network connectivity, including connections from a wireless keyboard and mouse may continue to wake your computer unexpectedly.

    If the issue remains unresolved after following the suggestion above I would next disconnect all USB and Firewire peripherals from the machine prior to sleep and attempt normal sleep operation again.

    Finally after all external hardware and networks have been removed attempt creating an entirely new user, with no running background applications, and run the sleep test again for a final time. After that the only thing to try is a new or independent system. Best of luck.
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