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  • mikawber Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I bought the new Macbook a week after it's release and have not had any problems until last night when my Macbook stopped going to sleep. It will not sleep when trying to do it manually or by closing the lid. I have reset the SMC and PRAM multiple times and have had no luck.

    I poked around in the console and found this message every time I try to put my computer to sleep and it fails:

    Wake reason = EHC1 EHC2

    And occasionally it says this instead:

    Wake reason = EHC1 EHC2 EC LID0

    Does anyone know what these mean so I can try to get my machine back to being able to sleep? Thanks!!

    Also, I am running 10.5.6 with all available updates installed.

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  • andreidragan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Hello, I had the same problem. Today I tried "going to sleep" again and it worked.

    The only relevant thing I did today was installing the "iousbfamily327.4.0log.dmg" file downloaded from (search for "IOUSBFamily.kext 3.2.7")

    I initially installed the file "IOUSBFamily.kext 3.1.5" for Leopard 10.5.5 a few days ago. I also had problems when inserting a USB mass storage device (I got a "blue screen").

    Now, after I installed the USB debug kit for 10.5.6, my MacBook Pro goes to sleep again. Please write if this solution worked for you!
  • AlainHK Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Half a success for me. When I put it to sleep through the Apple menu in the Menu bar it works but only as long as:
    1) I don't touch it (if I do it wakes up)
    2) I don't close the lid (if I do it wakes AND the screen turns black and I have to hard reboot)

    If I simply close the lid it stays asleep only as I long as I don't move my laptop. If I do it wakes up, the only difference with the previous scenario is that when I open the lid I don't need to hard reboot...

    On my end it seems like the motion sensor is triggering something.

    My only solution is still to use Smart Sleep and have it hibernate when I close the lid. The downside is that, having 4GB RAM it takes ages (70-75 seconds) to wake up. The upside: it sleeps like a baby.

    When is Apple Inc going to itself WAKE UP TO THIS PROBLEM AND SAY SOMETHING???!!!
  • jriff Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I can't take this anymore. I am loosing SO much time and work over this. I am going to put it in for a logic board change - I'll have to pay to rent an other machine while it is being done, but I guess that it is necessary when:


    I never thought that Apple would ignore a serious error like this.
  • astubbs Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    mmmmh - I hadn't have it happen for a while, then within a day it black screened while trying to go to sleep and later also would not wake up. Nice.
  • Cerniuk Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    OK, with bluetooth back on for wake, it is still malfunctioning. Gets the hot on in the bag, does the cannot wake up after monitor changes (black screen of coma). Now the sound is not going up and down when I use the keyboard... just makes the sound, not higher not lower.

    But most alarming, is sleep walking again with all the patches to the ROM and OS applied.

    When it black screen comas, close the lid, wait, open lid. (repeat if necessary) and eventually it either crashes or displays a login dialog. Is Windows really tougher than this? I wonder.
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