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Hi Guys,

My MacPro will basically not boot into any apple type environment, it boots Vista perfectly.

This started with a disk error on the boot raid volume.

When I boot it panics.

When I boot the Leopard DVD it panics.

When I boot the Techtools DVD it panics.

Not good!

I have looked at all boots in verbose mode and it basically looks like they are all trying to access the system disk even though it is toast, after a while it stack dumps.

I don't mind formatting the disks as I have a backup but how do I get to the point that I can format the disks?

I can boot into Vista perfectly, it can see all 4 hard disks and ntfs/fat partitions on three of the disks.

Any ideas would be really appreciated.



MacPro and MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.5.2)