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This is a weird one but I noticed when I un-boxed the MBP that there was a piece of masking tape under the plastic that the machine comes rapped in. All seals on the box were OK so this has definitely come from the factory.

Now the funny thing is that there is a slight imperfection on the right hand side speaker grille. Seems like the laser that makes the holes wasn't exactly perfect when it lasered the holes out and some holes are a teeny weeny bit bigger or it certainly looks like that anyway. In the right lighting it looks kinda ******.

I am wondering if the tape somehow signifies that the machine has a defect.

Am I being anal about this? I normally keep my MBP's in pristine condition so to get one OOTB with a slight defect is kinda ****** even though I could grow to live with it.

Anyone seen a piece of tape on theirs ??

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    You should take it to an Apple store or call Apple if your ordered online to get it replaced. There's no reason why you should pay the full price for a damaged machine.
    Good luck.
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    I had a piece of masking tape on the left palm rest of my new MacBook on Friday. I think the factory is a little sloppy on the final prep for shipping. I returned the MacBook, by the way, because the screen was obviously inferior to my current 1st generation MacBook. I'm getting a MacBook Pro instead. It has a much nicer screen (better contrast, better black levels).
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    I had the same situation with my new MBP.

    Being a designer I'm a bit anal by nature which is another reason I love the Apple brand. They are fastidious about the details. However, the right speaker grille on my new MBP is definitely different than the left one. This was confirmed upon further inspection with a photographers loupe. The gille on the left is flawless. The one on the right has slight imperfections within every other little hole which creates a mosaic of sorts in the pattern. Interesting that mine is also the right side.

    I'm wrestling with the decision to demand a flawless MBP.

    Anyone else seeing this?
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    I really don't see what the problem is with exchanging it.

    I take the position that if I pay for a no-defect item, I should get it. In my experience, Apple is usually extremely willing to go out of their way to deliver an end product that everyone is happy about.
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    Wow, I did the exact same thing. I got a MacBook and was immediately disappointed with the screen quality. Exchanged it for a MacBook Pro.
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    I also traded in my new MB for a MBP because of the screen quality. I could have lived with no firewire but not an inferior screen. I would have gladly paid more for a MacBook with a better screen - I loved the 13" size. Oh well.

    I also have the issue with the dirty looking speaker holes on the MBP. Every one I've seen on display has this issue. You just have to look in the right light. This and the screen tearing when scrolling web sites and watching flash videos are my only two complaints with the new MBP.