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Hi everyone,

After much trial and error and incredible amounts of frustration, I think I have figured out what was erasing my iTunes library or forcing me to restore to factory settings. Apple Development Team: please take note. You may want to fix these two in the next version of iTunes:

*BUG #1 - iTunes 8 for Vista not compatible with iTunes 8 for XP.*

This is a major issue, and incredibly frustrating. I use my iPod at home (with my Vista PC), and at the office (running XP). This was always ok until I updated to iTunes 8. Since then, if I update my iPod's library at the office (using XP), the next time I connect it to my home computer (Vista), iTunes tells me it can't read the data and forces the iPod to restore to factory settings. Extremely frustrating, to say the least.

In previous versions of iTunes, this was never an issue. In iTunes 8, your iPod's data is not compatible between XP and Vista. This is major!

*BUG #2 - In iTunes 8, music and movies are tethered; you can't manually synch one without the other*.

This is a more complex bug to explain, and it has to do with the interface and user experience more than anything else.

I like to update my iPod's music library manually, instead of synching automatically. It gives me more freedom. In previous versions of iTunes, you could determine which type of media you could update manually or auto sync (music, movies, podcasts, etc)... For instance, I like to manually update my music library, but have my podcasts update automatically.

Recently I customized my settings in iTunes 8 to do the following: update music manually, but auto-synch my movies. The result: all my music got erased from my iPod, and had to manually update it again. This was extremely frustrating.
Apparently music+movies are now tethered in iTunes 8. Can't customize individually how you update you iPod for these types of media.

Hope it helps.

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