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I have followed many threads in the discussion forum on this, and have tried all suggestions from getting a Picasa account, to diabling auto synching, to trying other USB ports. The bottom line is that nothing other than iTunes recognizes my iPhone when it is plugged in. I am running iTunes 8.0.11 and Picasa 3.0, and Windows XP Release 3.

There must be a way to get the photos I have taken with my iPhone on to my computer so I can work with them.

I would greatly appreciate any information on this.


Dell X/1, Windows XP
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    When you plug in your iPhone and then go to My Computer, you should see "Apple iPhone listed under Scanners and Cameras. You can double click this Camera icon and see the pics just like you are downloading from a digital camera. This only works for pictures taken with the iPhone. Pictures that you sync via iTunes are in a different directory and you have to use iTunes to stop the sync process.

    If not, then Windows XP is not recognizing that a Camera was plugged in. Do you have any services disabled?
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    There is nothing I can do that will make my computer recognize the iPhone, other than via iTunes. I followed ALL the suggestions in the forum (including disabling synch) but it it like iTunes auto launching keeps it from being available to my computer. I have not intentionally disable any services, and have tested plugging my Nikon in which Microsoft Camera and Scanner Wizard and Picasa both recognize right away.
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    Even if iTunes wasn't installed the iPhone shows up as two devices in the device manager. The one that shows up under digital imaging uses the standard Windows XP camera driver and it you should be able to read images in a standard way using Start > All Programs > Accessories > Scanner and Camera Wizard.

    However if the phone is not showing up properly in device manager I'd try some basic troubleshooting reset the phone and such. If it doesn't work on a different computer you may need to restore the iPhone.