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kandrade1 Level 1 Level 1
how do i wipe out my info on my sim card before giving my iphone to a family member?
  • Jason L Community Specialists Community Specialists
    Hey kandrade1,

    The iPhone does not store data on the SIM like other phones.

    The best way to give your iPhone to a family member is to erase the iPhone and put a new SIM card in it. To erase the iPhone go to Settings> General> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings> Erase iPhone.

    You can get a new blank SIM form the cellular service provider.

  • neuroanatomist Level 7 Level 7
    There is no information stored on the SIM card. Although the iPhone can import contacts from a SIM card, the iPhone cannot write to the SIM card at all. Since the SIM card is linked to your account with the cell service provider, unless you are going to keep paying for their service and the phone will keep the same number, you should be able to get a new SIM card from your provider.
  • ChiliPepperRed Level 1 Level 1
    Be careful, though... I bought a brand new 3G 16 gig at the AT&T store at the Southlake Town Center on 12/12/08. When I tried to open iTunes, the account was already registered to someone else. I'm pretty sure that info had to come from a "formatted" sim card since I asked for all-new information. Thoughts? I am ChiliPepperRed @ yahoo
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10
    Was your iPhone activated at the AT&T store?

    It should have been.

    When you connected your iPhone to iTunes on your computer, what was the exact error message?

    If your iPhone was activated with AT&T at the AT&T store when purchased, there should have been a prompt to restore the new iPhone 3G from an existing iPhone's backup if one is available and if not, you select your sync options with iTunes.

    The iPhone's IMEI number is married to the iPhone's SIM card during the activation process, but that is it in regards to AT&T account/line number info available on the SIM card.
  • Kevin Liu Level 1 Level 1
    You should give your phone to this person without the SIM card. He/She should get one for her/himself from the the iPhone carrier or your country with his/hers own plan and phone number.

    If you will continue to use the SIM card, you can keep it and plug it into any other GSM phone. If you've already terminated your service, the SIM card should be deactivated already. You can cut it up for good measure.