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I have had this problem with the scroll button on my mighty mouse for months and months, and the only advise I have managed to get from here when I complained was to clean it. But I tried that many times and I have had nothing but problems with it, so much so that I recently called Apple and they agreed straight away to send me a new one.

What made me call them today was the clicking action and side buttons on my mighty mouse also failed completely, and I thought the thing was totally broke. Whilst I was on the phone I happened to mention that my wireless keyboard also keeps losing its connection, and the advisor told me to do this following...

This advise was used on my MacBook 13.3inch model from last year.

Turn off Mac, removed the power and battery and hold down the power button for 5 seconds. Then turn it back on, but while you turn it back on hold down the altcmnd+RP buttons together. You will hear it ching two times as it turns on, let go after the second ching.

This apparently resets the bluetooth and it fixed my mouse, it now works perfectly.

Anyway, I called apple back to say that this reset not only fixed my keyboard, but also my mouse. Everything now works perfectly. The problem was bluetooth all along and not that the button needed cleaning.

But they said they would still send me out a new one, and so long as they received a mouse back in the post they wouldn't charge me. I accepted that offer and I'll see how it goes with the one I have. I feel that I may have damaged the scroll button trying to clean it and feel that I probably should get a new one anyway on account of that.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.5)