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    Add me to the list. My wife's 512MB Shuffle started flashing green and orange last Friday. I've tried Connecting it to multiple Macs, PCs, and Linux boxes. It's recognized on the Mac through the About This Mac, it shows up on the USB bus and reports its model and serial number. ITunes doesn't know it's there, updaters don't know it's there. On a PC running XP it shows up as a removeable drive (e:) but I can't write to it and it appears to have 0 bytes of available memory out of 0 bytes total. I've had this device less than 1 year so it is under warranty. Apple wants to charge me what I consider to be an unreasonable amount, 50% of the price of a new one, to cover "shipping and handling".

    I guess this is one way to break her iTunes Music Store habit.
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    If you figure, hypothotecially, that all of these were only 512mb Shuffles at the original price of $99.95, then Apple just sold a bill of goods for a low end estimate of $1,799,100. Now if you figure the avarage price of all available i-Pods at $211.50 and multiply that by 18,000 (which I've seen nearly 50,000+ individuals so far with this problem) now we would be talking about $3,807,000. If we use the same math for 50,000 affected users now we have a measley $10,575,000. I'm sure Apple is not really concerned at this

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    New HP (work) and older custom built @ home   Windows XP  
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    ttt mine died at 14 months
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    I guess I'm the newest member of the club. Mine died while I was in vacation. Flashing lights out of nowhere. It was only 6 months old. Ridiculous.
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    Same situation here. I have tried to reformat/ressurect it using a PC, countless Macs, etc. Worked great one day -- dead the next. For the absurd fee Apple wants to charge to send another, it is cheaper to buy a used one on Ebay.

    - jon

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    another one to add to the list. got my shuffle in Feb 05 and it died around 3 weeks ago. first the green light was stuck on and with no sound. then the flashing lights. tried to reset but no joy. for some reason I have been able to get it to play music again but the downside is that itunes and my pc no longer recognise the device so the ipod can never be updated with new songs.

    appple's customer service is abysmal. i used to work in the marketing dept at Sony and there is no way we would have got away with this level of shocking service.
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    Add me to the list...I turned my 1G Shuffle on and got green and orange. Mine was two months past the warranty date. I'm not writing off Apple yet (but I will). Surely they will acknowledge the problem and give us a break. If not...there is no way I'm going to buy another iPod for this to happen again. There are thousands of good MP3 players out there that work with Macs.
    The shuffle has been great! It's not the lowest model (it's the most efficient model)...Small, simple, does what I need it to do. $100 was a good price for a quality product but I can't afford $100 a year. Surely this is not the type of company Apple is becoming!
    Waiting for Apple to respond (but not much longer)!

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    I have an Ipod Shuffle (512 MB) and i have been an avid user of ipod for more then a year now. I enjoy the quality of music it plays. But some how of late i have been frought with problems. First the ipod jus frooze and it took me 7 - 10 days to get it on and the ipod agent couldnt give proper instructions thru chat. Now another problem has cropped up out of the blue. When pressing the play button, green and orange lights flash 4 times and it jus goes off and music doesnt play too. More so itunes also doesnt detect the ipod, when using the updater the laptop hangs, cannot even reformat the ipod. Against the details it shows some number of GB space instead of 512 MB and the text is garbbled too.

    Have searched god alone knows how may forums and done n number of permutations and combinations but to no avail. The apple site and the mannual also doesnt have any solution to it.

    Solutions and tips to this problem if any are welcome !!


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    Add one more to the roster.

    I bought my girlfriend a 1GB shuffle for Christmas, and it died a few months later. Assuming she did something to break it, I just ordered a new one at the new low price. Well, after about 2 months of working it too broke down. The thing makes her computer freak out when it's plugged in. iPod updater freezes when the shuffle is in, iTunes won't open at all if the thing is plugged in...and if it's already open it won't recognize the shuffle. Windows see the drive, and gives it a letter, but if I click on the drive in explorer it freezes explorer. I've tried uninstalling, and it's just more of the same. I can't update it, I can't format it, I can't do anything because it breaks windows while it's stuck in there. Firefox wouldn't even open while it was plugged in, and as soon as I took it out...BOOM...firefox pops up.

    So I'm getting a replacment from Apple, but I know it's only a matter of time before it croaks as well. I'm pretty bummed that I bough my girlfriend such a crappy gift. I have a nano and couldn't be happier with it. I should have just sprung for the upgrade. This is what I get for being cheap I guess. I hate that she has to feel like her gift is junk. Apple has seen it's last dollar from me.
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    Man, what a pain in the *** it was to register an entire forums account just to make one post. But, I think it will be worth it to share this information with everyone.

    All right, so I have a 512mb iPod shuffle, which I updated on my own beforehand to the latest firmware (just to avoid any future problems).

    Until recently, I hadn't given this whole issue much thought, because it was a problem that happened to "other people". Then, it happened to me. I had been using my iPod shuffle consistent with the way I had always been using it. I turn it on, and get the flashing lights.

    I believe the first thought that went through my head was "well, ****. Now I'm going to have to sign that petition." But, then I started thinking about what had happened with the shuffle, and what it could have been that I had done differently when I last used it. The only thing I could think of was that I has paused it almost exactly as I had pulled the headset out and then turned it off. Thinking further on the matter, I recalled that the shuffle has a feature that puts the machine into a sort of pause-state when it senses that you've removed the headphones. It is possible, I thought, that I had caused some kind of state-error by pausing it at the same time. This seemed to fit with similar recollections of wierdness after so-doing (though in the former cases I did not turn it off).

    So, I plugged the ipod into my computer (windows at work), and, sure enough, there was a "device IO error". This was bad. Decidedly bad. Apparently, my shuffle had just given up the ghost like everyone else's. Repeated power cyclings and re-pluggings didn't do a thing.

    Then, I thought perhaps I could pre-empt the state error by exposing it to a usb connection right as it was powered on. So, I poised the shuffle above the usb port, and turned it on just as I inserted it. There was a short pause, and then it came up as a recognized drive, just as it had been before. I rebuilt the song DB, just to be safe, and that was that. Still going strong and no errors.

    I would encourage others to try this method and see if it indeed works for you. If it doesn't, don't despair and try some different timing. The trick seems to be to catch it at the right stage in its POST sequence. If it still doesn't work, well, you've only wasted a couple of minutes, eh?

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    ME me me! O well.. not that I want to, but I realized I am in the orange and green light club already. What an expensive fee to join the club, ONE WHOLE IPOD SHUFFLE thank you very much.

    Got the exact same problem, not happy, not happy at all. I bought my shuffle 11/07/05, now... just 11 days out of the warranty, fantastic. It worked perfectly until yesterday cry. Normally if the shuffle stuffed up, I just had to reset it, and it's all good again. But not this time. Looks like my dearly ipod shuffle is going bye bye. I am going to take it to apple center, see what they are going to say about that since it's out of warranty

    I don't want to buy another ipod shuffle, why? I am sure you know why. Not a ipod nano either, why? NO CASH FOR THAT!
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    If you bought your iPod in November of 2005, you're covered under your warranty until November of 2006. In short, yes, you are under your warranty, but at this point Apple charges you for shipping and handling for the replacement iPod.

    Go here to have them send you a replacement:

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    this is my 2nd.
    i threw a fit in the ipod store when they asked me to pay a $30 replacement fee for my 1st shuffle that died. I ended up getting a replacement one for free, but 3 months later it died too. now i have nothing and apple has my $$$ and i have no product.
    i'm so sick of apple products, forcing customers to purchase extended warrenties instead of just making a product that actually works for longer than 6 months.
    (my husband and i have gone through 3 30G ipods that have each completely died while under warranty)
    Apple knows what they are doing. they know the shuffle doesn't work properly.
    i smell a class action lawsuit coming their way.

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    We are not worthy, pcgoddess! This is the fix that worked for me! No documentation anywhere indicates an orange AND green light blinking issue. Love the iPod, but they need to shed some more light on this issue...Use this quick fix, and get back on with your life if you are scrolling for answers.....

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    OOO THANK GOD! Thanks for the info CG!