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I am in the midst of having huge problems with my iTunes program (v, where when I open iTunes I get a dialogue box saying "Importing iTunes Library.xml" -- I am then told that my iTunes Library file.itl appears to be invalid and iTunes is recreating a damaged iTunes library file.itl. I have gone to great lengths to solve this and have not succeeded. what happens is that none of my podcasts or playlists or apps are saved, and it's driving me nuts...

at this point I think it may be my iPhone 3G. so I try to reset it to the factory settings and I get an error message saying "There was a problem downloading the iPhone software for the IPhone... An unkown error occurred (-3254)."

Does anyone know what's going on? I'm at the point where I'm going to take my iPhone back for a new one if I can't fix this soon.

thanks for all your help in advance. (And anyone who recognizes my problem with the library file issue and could help would be REALLY appreciated. thanks).


Windows XP Pro
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    I'm having the exact problem, same error code and all, also can't upgrade firmware to 2.2
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    I still have this problem. the apple "engineers" have no clue what's going on, it's very frustrating.

    I can't download the new software upgrade and on and off I can't even synch my phone with iTunes.

    Are you having problems synching your phone/iPod too?
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    Me too, I'm started having this problem since updating my itunes, Looks like there is still no solving answer to this problem. This is reaaaaally **
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    I am getting the same error -3254. It occurs when I try to download a video. I can purchase it and it is in my Store/Downloads in ITunes Ver.8. But when I try to download I get the error. It also says I may have a problem connecting to the internet. I have disabled virus, phishing, spyware, etc software. But no luck.

    Any one know how to fix this problem??
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    Sometimes you can resolve it by doing the following:
    - Download the .exe file from Apple.com/iTunes
    - Go to Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs
    - iTunes > Remove
    - Open C:\Program Files (default location)
    - Find "iTunes" (default folder name)
    - Shift + Delete > OK
    - Run a registry cleaner, such as PC Tools Desktop Maestro, to remove all old shortcuts and registry keys no longer valid on your computer.
    - Start > Shut Down > Restart your computer
    - Run the iTunes install program

    This should fix the problem, however may require also to update your Windows software (update.Microsoft.com) and download the latest Visual Basic Runtime executable. One time during my clean reinstall the iTunes software mentioned an error with a vbrun executable and couldn't continue the install until I found it online.

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    I solved this problem. I bought a cheap lap top and now run iTunes on that and it has no bugs like on my desktop. the apple tech support folks have no idea what is going on and no one on these boards has a clue either. I know, I tried every suggested fix and none of them worked.

    in the meantime, I'm now using Amazon to buy MP3s since there are no digital rights restrictions built into them and I will forever boycott all apple products since they have proved to be nothing but flashy disposable too-expensive toys that have no technical engineering behind them. I suggest everyone else do the same.