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Can iTunes and the iTunes store be used by other operating systems besides Windoze and MacOS like Linux?


Various, Windows XP Pro
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    We Need a Linux versión of iTunes or at least a way to sincronice and update our Ipod Touch or iPhone.

    We need buy another OS for do this??
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    This is a serious problem. A lot of old Windows users are switching away from Microsoft now that Vista is all you can buy, and many can't afford to buy a Mac.

    That leaves a lot of people looking at Linux distributions which have been designed for normal users in mind like Ubuntu and Xandros.

    Why hasn't Apple ported ITunes to Linux? This is isolating a market that is otherwise getting bigger despite MS and Apple.

    Now that I have switched from Windows to Ubuntu, I can't sync my IPhone. This is a big problem. I have even considered getting a different phone that doesn't rely on proprietary software to sync so that that I don't have to go back to Windows, but I'd rather not do this since I love my IPhone.

    Apple please include your Linux customers!!!
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    You can send feedback/feature requests directly to Apple at this link: Apple Product Feedback
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    Been there, done that! And when I complained about their incompetance to make spare parts for their hand held products (iphones,ipods), I got a reply,but now when I emailed them because I can't find a version of itunes that runs on linux at their website, I got no answer.

    They can't say that it is too hard or too time consuming, just because you should really just compile it for another unix kernel and write the libraries that it needs, or just use the existing ones. MacOS even uses X, so you should just make two skins for them in gtk and one for KDE.
    This would increase the sales of the new iphones and ipods, because there are so many people willing to buy them, but they don't want to buy something they can't sync with their existing software. They'd rather go with a nokia, which syncs pretty well with linux. And, as far as I know, there are more people using linux as their home OS, than there are using MacOS.
    But even still, you haven't ported it yet, even if that would/is be profitable. I've heard that when you people at apple had some financial difficulties, some particular Bill offered you an offer you couldn't resist. Many people think that's why you now use intel's processors, just because this particular Bill isn't friends with IBM. That actually makes me more willing not to buy you're hardware, because now I am paying for something extra just to run an OS, that I have to pay for exclusively. When you had the ppcs, I felt different, just because then I would have a ppc, rather than an x86, and that would make me feel different. Now I pay for the design and the exclusive compatibility, which *****.

    Looks like the iphone is going to be the last product of apple I'll ever buy from you greedy suck-up people, unless you port it to linux and stop kissing the particular bill's butt.

    I apologize for my bad english and my rudeness, it kind of gets on my nerve, when I see the particular bill trying to dominate the computer/os market.

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    For any one interested, this WIki on third party iPod managers includes a section on operating system support. There are several that support linux.