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  • StephenZcat Level 3 Level 3
    Spent some time with Apple support. I now can view the SD content of the purchased episode.

    I right clicked on the episode, and choose the default to be SD instead of HD.

    Still sad about not being able to view the HD. I can view HD of the first episode of Battlestar Galactica on my monitor. But not the episodes of Lost.
  • StephenZcat Level 3 Level 3
    There is an update to graphics cards that has fixed this for me! I can now view HD content downloaded to my computer. Someone at Apple must have picked up this discussion or from my telephone call to support.

    Thank you Apple! My faith is restored.

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  • spookyspittle Level 1 Level 1
    I just updated my Mac this morning, and behold there is a warning message in my iTunes. This HDCP crap is really irritating. Not only does it effect some of my movies, but now I can't watch any of the HD CSI Las Vegas or CSI NY episodes that I payed a fortune for. Is there a way to convert your HD episodes to SD? Lord, I hope Apple fixes this soon.
  • Kelly Kane Level 1 Level 1
    This is a feature, and not a bug. If you purchased HD content you should be allowed to watch it however you please. If you do not have an HDCP "compliant" device you should return the content. Do not settle for SD, otherwise why would you pay for HD?

    You may also wish to look in to an HDFury2. It seems to remove arbitrary restrictions for paying customers.
  • Oleg Desh Level 1 Level 1

    I also have the Mac Pro + 23" Apple Cinema HD Display. Can you please explain how can I get the same patch for the graphics card that you're referring to above?

    Many thanks

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  • StephenZcat Level 3 Level 3
    I misspoke in the post above, I have the 20" Cinema Display. But the problem probably has to do with the graphics card more than the display.

    Apple pulled the update. It appears there may have been some flickering issue with the update. er-two-days.ars

    At least you can view the SD until Apple re-releases. To view SD, cntrl+click (right+click) on the episode and change the version from HD to SD.
  • SalSessa Level 1 Level 1
    Oh, yeah.

    Same problem here, and PO'd big time.

    Here is what I don't understand. If you can VIEW the preview, you should be able to VIEW the movie you BUY!

    I have a Mac Pro with a 24 inch Dell monitor (albeit a 4 year old version) but never would have guessed or known from the disclaimer (or) instructions on iTunes regarding HD content that the HD TV shows I just purchased (Fringe) would give me a grey screen only (will not play.)

    Oddly enough they work fine in Fusion / Windows on Quicktime with same HD file. GO FIGURE that.


    Am I missing something here? Also, FWIW the HD version works fine on my 3 year old MacBook Pro.


  • EPad1000 Level 1 Level 1
    For those of you interested, I am getting this same message on the new Mac mini. The really irritating thing is that, unlike on the Macbooks, I ONLY have an external display and can't play my itunes-bought HD content at all! I can watch my content by switching to the SD versions but this make buying the HD versions a complete waste!

    This is irritating!!

  • Alan Nuss Level 1 Level 1
    I just ran into this problem when I tried to play the newest tv episode of Legend of the Seeker. I have an Apple 23 inch Cinema display and a brand new MacPro Quad Core. I haven't tried playing it on my AppleTV connected to a 42 inch analog tv yet.
  • otamaandgeorge Level 1 Level 1
    well **** u apple, wasted my money buying the new f@cking mac mini only to find this **** out......well done a55H@les.......

    bite me
  • Ted Todorov Level 1 Level 1
    Castle (HD) episode 1 refuses to play to my Apple Cinema DIsplay from my brand new Mac Pro. Tells me to unhook any non HDCP complaint displays -- how am I supposed to watch without a display -- telepathically?

    Come on Apple, this is absurd. Please fix this. At a minimum tell us which Apple Cinema DIsplays support HDCP, but better, get rid of HDCP in Mac OS. Who in their right mind is going try to copy something from the video out?
  • dredre2k Level 1 Level 1
    I just purchased the seasons pass for Terminator Salvation Machinima on iTunes and received the same error as others here "iTunes movie purchase will not play on external display" because my brand new LCD isn't HDCP.

    I was not informed by apple that I would need an HDCP compliant monitor prior to purchasing the movie. I will not be buying any more movies or episodes from Apple's iTunes store since i have no way to watch my purchased movies on the screen that I own and on the machine that I bought from apple.

    I would like a refund since I am not able to watch what I purchased. I am also reconsidering whether my planned macbook pro purchase should be undertaken since Apple has started to restrict what users can do with purchase content.

    Thanks, ~ dredre2k
  • myhomepage72212 Level 1 Level 1
    OK. this post is really old. any news?
    Unlike all of you i discovered my HD contents don't play... TODAY!! I thought maybe it was an error with snowleopard but judging by this post... it is long past that. any updates?

    If any of you want to tell me not to use an external display... i have a mac mini. this is impossible. and i have yet to find any "compliant" displays. I shouldn't have to anywayz becuz when i purchased the HD stuff from itunes... no such restriction was agreed upon.

  • necronym Level 4 Level 4
    Solution (well this worked for me)

    Mac Pro with Eizo CG220 on DVI and 24" LED Cinema Display on Mini Display Port, wouldn't play HD content, HDCP blah blah. Played fine with only the 24" LED Display connected.

    Shut down machine and removed 24" Display. Started machine on Eizo only. Launched iTunes and played HD content without issue. Shut down, reconnected 24" LED display (so both displays were connected). Restarted. Launched iTunes and played HD content without issue.

    Apple TV wouldn't play HD content (Mac Mini acts as server for Apple TV {connected through HDMI switcher Box} which wouldn't play HD content either - Mac Mini is connected to 20" Apple Cinema Display. Grey screen no pic or sound on both devices).

    Removed HDMI from HDMI switcher box, connected directly to HDMI port on TV. HD content played fine from Apple TV. Removed HDMI from TV, replaced HDMI to HDMI switcher box, content played fine through Apple TV. Interestingly having done this with the Apple TV, the Mac Mini now plays HD content properly - go figure that one??? Was iTunes seeing the connected Apple TV as an unauthorised HDCP display?

    I spoke with Apple Tech Support 2nd Tier for over 40 minutes and they had no answer.

    The issue appears to be something to do with the initial handshake between devices. Once they have communicated directly for the first time the problem appears to go away (at least for me).

    Don't know if this will help anybody else, but it might give some insight into a possible solution.

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  • Josef Kowalewski Level 4 Level 4
    I recently moved to a new Mac Pro, and I too can no longer watch Purchased HD iTunes content. I have the Apple 24" Cinema display, and I get the same message about HDCP compliancy.

    I have spoken to Apple Support several times, and talked to the guys in the Apple Store Regent Street, and I have come to the conclusion that no one knows how to explain, or deal with this issue. At first I was told that the display connector was the problem, until I pointed out that the 24" uses the same connection as the 30" still on sale. They then told me that the 30" is also unable to play Purchased HD content!

    I don't know if anyone will find any comfort in the fact that the Apple Store employees came straight to these discussion boards to find a solution - it was then that I knew I was on my own.

    The moral of the story is - stay away from Purchased HD content unless you have the new Apple glossy screens with the mini display port connection.

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