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About a month ago, I ran CleanSweep on my wife's Powerbook G4. Big mistake! I started having all sorts of problems that hadn't occurred before that. I had to format the drive and reinstall Mac OSX Leopard. Last week we setup the Powersaving settings for the computer to stay awake because in the middle of watching movies on our Apple TV, the computer would go to sleep and the movie would stop playing. The next day I woke the screen from sleeping, but the screensaver was frozen. I had to do a hard reset (hold down the power button). When I tried to startup the computer, the startup disc was not found. I booted from the CD, but didnt think to fix permissions, or verify disk. I decided to restore her from Timemachine. We had an appointment to go to, so I left the restore running. When we got back I noticed that the restore froze at 36.9gb. I had to do another hard reset. I then decided that it needed a clean reformat, and complete Leopard install. I had to go to work so I left the install running. When I got home I noticed that the computer was asleep. I thought the install was complete. It wasn't! I couldn't wake the computer up, so I had to do another hard reset. Now its the weekend, and I can devote full attention to the install, but the computer wont bootup from the Leopard CD. It dosent recognize its own hard drive, so during the bootup the apple appears, then a caution sign (circle with a line in the middle) I just sits there after that with the gear turning under the caution sign.

Here are some things that I know its not.

Crashed Hard drive - My MacBook Pro recognizes the harddrive when I firewire over to the Powerbook via the disk utility , It can even format it and write to it.

PMU Reset - Tried that

Bad Leopard Disc - Ran the Disc on my PowerBook when it was Firewired to my MacBook Pro.

Optical drive on the Powerbook - The Macbook Pro can boot from the Leopard CD when it is in the Powerbook, and firewired over.

Hard Drive Cable - Same as first issue. The MacBook recognizes the Hard Drive so, if the cable was damaged, this would not be the case.

Has anyone experienced this, and can anyone help?

PowerBook G4, Mac OS X (10.5)