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Double-clicking defaults to opening iTunes but nothing happens. Have tried to import the file to iTunes but it doesn't appear in iTunes browser. If I Apple-I the file and change "open with" to Quick Time Player it works fine. But I'd still like to import the file to iTunes.

iMac Intel 20"; 2GB, Mac OS X (10.4.11), Video iPod; LaCie 320GB external drive (USB)
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    Hello Cheapster,

    I don't think .m4a files work in iTunes. I have 70 different video files in my iTunes library, and none of them are .m4a.

    Here is a list of what i DO have:

    .mp4, .mpg, .mov, .m4v.....

    You can use a program called "iSquint" to convert these files to the correct format.

    iSquint can be downloaded from here http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/28250

    When you open it, make sure "Optimized for iPod" is selected, and "Add to iTunes" is checkmarked. Once the conversion is complete, it should automatically add the file to iTunes, and you are then able to delete the original file.

    Hope this helps. <Edited by Moderator>

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    Never mind the bit about video files, since the .m4a extension is never used for video.

    If the file won't open with iTunes, then there's probably very little you can do unless you have, for example, access to special software for extracting the AAC stream from the wrapper and repackaging it. Short of that, you could try changing the extension to .mp4, or even .mov, and seeing if it will open in iTunes.
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    M4A is actually one of the most common formats used by iTunes for importing tracks or purchasing iTunes Plus audio.

    If iTunes won't accept the file, that generally means the file is corrupted or otherwise broken.
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    Duplicating the file and changing the suffix to .mp4 worked perfectly and the file is now visible in, and plays with, iTunes. Many thanks, NoName
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    Cheers, glad to hear that fixed it.