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My girlfriend got an iPhone 3G last week. It's working fine, except it won't connect to my home wifi. It keeps saying the connection failed. It does connect without problems to the wifi network at her place.

My network has WPA-PSK security, and I'm absolutely positive the password is correct, as I have no problem whatsoever getting my own iPhone 3G to connect to the very same network. Both iPhones have the latest firmware.

Other equipment (my MacBook, her iBook G4) works fine.

Any thoughts?

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.11), iPhone 3G
  • Jason L Community Specialists
    Hey wieland,

    Try Resetting Network Settings on the iPhone, go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings, Reset Network Settings.

    If the issue persists after Resetting Network Settings you may want to take a look at the router configuration.
    Have you tried to power cycle the router?
    Is the router setup to distribute enough IP's for all the devices on the Network?
    Does it have MAC address filtering? If so make sure the iPhones Wi-Fi Address from Settings> General> About is added to the list.

    You can also try to restore the iPhone to rule out software issues with the iPhone.

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    Power cycling the router may have done the trick. After a few days my girlfriend's iPhone connected fine, for no apparent reason. The router had been switched off and on a couple of times over the days though. I'm still not sure what caused or what fixed the problem. The router is configured to let any device connect as long as the password's correct (which I'm absolutely sure it was), the phone connected to other networks fine, and my Macbook and my own iPhone had no problem at all connecting to my router.

    In the mean time however, I had my own iPhone replaced (because of an unrelated issue). I got the replacement today, upgraded to firmware (2.2) restored all my stuff from a backup, and now find it won't connect to my home network. Same issue as above.

    I've Googled around, and have found many reports of the same problem, but no one seems to have a definite fix. I'm just hoping for the issue to go away spontaniously like it did the first time. Any suggestions much appreciated.
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    Well, I don't know what happened, but my iPhone finally connected last night. I didn't do anything special, so I'm hesitant to say my question's been answered. My issue has been resolved, though.