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My Ipod is a third gen and a few days ago, I noticed that my Ipod wouldn't charge when connected to my ibook if the ibook was off (and plugged into the power adapter). At first I thought it was a problem with my ipod, so I took it into the apple store and they shrugged and gave me a new (restored) one. However, when I got it home, I noticed that it had the same problem. So, I ran a series of tests with a number of different ibooks/powerbooks, firewire cables, and ipods to determine where the problem lay:

I tried connecting my ipod to two different powerbooks with two different sets of firewire/docks and it wouldn't charge if the computers were off.

I tried connecting someone else's ipod, and had the same results.

I then tried connecting my ipod to an older ibook (G3) that had experience harddrive failure about a month ago and hasn't had any itunes/ipod updates, and it works just fine, charging when the computer was off like it's supposed to.

I tried connecting it to my old ibook that I haven't used in a few weeks, and again, charged just like it should.

I experienced this problem before I updated to itunes 5, so I don't think it's that (though I wouldn't completely rule it out since it seems to be the source of a lot of problems). Any ideas? Anyone have a similar issue? Again, I'm using gen 3 ipods, two old g3 ibooks (which made it work), a g4 ibook (didn't work), and two g4 powerbooks (also didn't work).
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    Hello there,

    I am not really sure about this but I will give you some thoughts, so you can look further. I believe that although both your G4 ibook and G4 powerbooks are plugged in, your USB 2.0 ports do not have power so your iPod does not charge as it should. Now I think that your G3 ibooks have a USB 1.1 so maybe there would still be power on those while its plugged in. Same thing happens to my Mac mini: My iPod is charging when its on but it stops when its off although its plugged in.

    Someone more experienced in how exactly the USB ports work in G4 and G3 models would be able to give you an answer.

    Hope I helped!