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I have burned my playlist to a CD-R using the following criteria: Make Audio CD and Include CD Text. All songs appear in my playlist with artist and track names but when I burn them they show on the CD as Track #1, Track #2, etc. Also, when the songs are being burnt, in the progress bar itunes shows that it is burning the song and includes the track name; for instance, it says "Buring Yellow Submarine," it does not say burning "Burning Track #1". I also tried burning my playlist as an MP3 CD; but iTunes won't allow it; it tells me that my songs cannot be burned as MP3. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks!

hp pavillion dv7, 64 bit
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    Which version of iTunes are you using? While I am not sure about iTunes 8, version 7 was kind of funny with respect to CD Text. Apparently they add the feature to include CD Text to burned Audio CDs, but didn't actually add a feature in iTunes to actually read CD Text from CDs.

    Second, you said the tracks show up as Track 1, etc. Is that in the same iTunes you burned the disc from or from another CD player?

    Third, how old is your CD burner? I believe the ability of iTunes to burn CD Text depends on the burner supporting that functionality.

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    Thanks for the reply. I am using iTunes When I burn the CD the track names show up as Track #1, etc. in iTunes when I read the CD in iTunes after it has been burned and also in my car. In my car I have a built-in 20GB hard drive where I can load cd's and it stores the CD so once it it loaded I no longer need the CD. The CD burner I am using is internal on my brand new HP laptop. Any ideas why I am not getting the track names?

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    I assume your car stereo reads several file formats like MP3 and possibly others? So what you really want to do is burn MP3s or something equivalent to a CD to load into your car, right?

    Are many/most of your tracks purchased from the iTunes store and are protected tracks?

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    I'll add my problem, since I'm having the same issues. I have iTunes 8 and import my CDs as high bitrate MP3s, and burn mix CDs as music discs. Almost all of the tracks are burned from CD. Also, this only started happening recently. I have CDs I burnt earlier this year (back in April, specifically) that are exactly the same and the CD title and track names all show up in my car stereo CD player. I remember having this problem years ago and then found a preference in iTunes to check off, after which point all my CDs contained song name and CD title info... until now.
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    I'll add mine, as well: I imported a CD as mp3s so I could burn it to an mp3 CD, and also downloaded a couple of songs (in mp3) from the band's website. When I burned the mp3 CD, the two downloaded songs had song titles, but the ones imported from the CD did not. I decided to take a look at the innards of the mp3 files and found that, sure enough, there is a track name (and band and album name) at the very beginning of the downloaded files, but not the ones I imported with iTunes. (I had imported the CD originally with iTunes 7; re-did it with iTunes 8...same result.)
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    Hi Patrick,

    Yes, my car stero reads MP3 formats and yes, I am trying to burn a cd that I can load into the harddrive in the car and play from the hard drive. I would say that the majority of my songs in my library at imported directly from the cd's themselves. Some are downloads. It does not seems to matter the origin of the song - I dont get the track name, artist, album, etc. on any of the songs burned to cd; yet all this info is present in my itunes library. Even when I play the burnt disk in my computer through iTunes it shows all the songs as "Track #1, Track #2, etc". I can manually rename all the tracks on the cd; I think, but this will be very time consuming since we are talking about hundreds of songs - do you know an easy way to do this if I cannot resolve this problem during the burn stage?

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    OK, so there are quite a few out there with this problem (my problem started last week when I "upgraded" to 8.02.20, and yes, I tried reinstalling the prior version and that didn't help). Does anyone have any solutions? The only answer I see is to get a new CD burner.
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    Somewhere I read that the problem exists with older CD-R drives. Although my drive is about 2 years old, I never had a problem until a few weeks ago. And yes, I trying to read from the same drive I burned it with. Also, a friend just recently started experiencing the same problem and her drive is less than 6 months old.

    The bottom line is that this problem seems to be proliferating. Am I correct to assume that unless Apple updates iTunes, this problem will not get fixed.
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    I crashed my computer a while ago with older iTunes software. The tech who came out retrieved the songs, but they also were "Track 1, Track 2, etc." It was a pain to fill in all of the song names, etc., but I had no choice. He told me to always burn to a DVD and I'll get all of my information. I've always done that since then, even with the latest iTunes software. I think most problems are resolved that way. You may have to turn off any CD burner,etc., that iTunes insists or burning to. Hope this helps.