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vtieu Level 1 (0 points)
My phone was working just fine. I pressed the sleep/wake button on the top right and put it away.

Now, the screen doesn't come back and is just black. It still rings when people call me, but the screen is completely black, and doesn't respond to touch. It's fully charged too!

I tried restarting it by pressing the button for 10 seconds, and now I'm trying to restore it through iTunes.

*** is going on?! help!

  • DaVBMan Level 6 (9,265 points)
    After reboot (you saw it go to Apple Logo and reboot) did you see the screen or did it always stay black? If it always stayed black, then restore in iTunes like you said next step, and if that fails, sounds like screen died. Time for Apple Store.

    If you saw the screen and only went black again after a call...then my next question is, is your phone in a case?
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    same thing just happened to my phone. get it fixed?
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    The same thing happened to my phone earlier today. I tried pressing and holding the "power" button and nothing worked. I plugged it into my computer to sync with iTunes in case I had to do a hard reset, but after less then 10 minutes later, the screen brightened back up. I still did the iTunes sync, but also searched for an answer.

    The touch screen is just another reason why I don't like the iphone. If I hadn't won it in a trivia game and had a two year contract, then I'd go back to my Razor phone.
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    Same problem for me. Screen went black all of a sudden. Nothing I did would bring it back. Funny thing was, if someone called me, it would ring and I could answer ... BUT the moment I ended the call, it went back to black. I reset the phone by holding WAKE/SLEEP and the HOME button for approx. 10 seconds until the apple logo appears. Now its working again. BUT, from what others are saying, it could happen again and at anytime! that *****! ...

    I was wondering ... the last thing I installed on the phone was the "facebook app" ... could it be the facebook app that caused this problem? Has anyone else noticed this problem happening after they installed a new application (perhaps facebook?) ...

    I removed facebook for now ... planning on keep it off for a few days and see if the mysterious "Black-Screen-Plague" occurs again. if it does not, then I will re-install/download facebook application on my phone AND see if it happens. Hope someone can figure out what is causing this ... the phone is awesome, BUT kinda ***** if this happens on a regular basis!!!