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    i have the same problem as well. ive put up with using VLC to play music on my laptop for the last few months but i really want to update my ipod and get back to using itunes. so fkn annoying. apple should do something to help
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    Ditto. Brand new macbook pro, osx 10.5.8, brand new ipod touch, itunes 8, music on a network drive.

    If I am patient enough, I can work thru the freeze to get Itunes as the active window again and hit the "X" to cancel it, but within a few minutes it goes for it again and stalls/freezes whatever I am doing at the time.

    Doesnt matter if the ipod is connected or not.
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    Bump. C'mon Apple. This is exactly the reason I have never bothered to run iTunes, but now I bought an Iphone and I am completely unable to sync it. I want my money back on my iPhone. You have had a year and an entire version of iTunes to work this out and allow us the option of using gapless or not, yet still there are hordes of people, mostly those of us with large music libraries we have built over 10+ years, that suffer from this problem, the only solution to which is a hard boot. Of course a hard boot is only a solution to getting use of our computers back, not a fix for being able to use itunes.

    I'm feeling a serious lack of concern here. How hard is it to let us opt out of the feature?
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    Same problem : /
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    Same problem. It seems to have started happening to me after downloading 9.0. Also, it freezes once it hits a certain song. I was able to determine the song and deleted it after hitting the "x". But now it is freezing on another song and I can't hit the x quick enough. Help!
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    my itunes freezes as soon as it starts up as well, and doesn't even get to the "determining gapless playback" most of the time. if i unplug my external firewire drive that my music library (over 50gb) is running on, start itunes, and then plug it back in, it skips the gapless playback determination and works fine. how can i get it to skip it without doing this all the time? c'mon apple?!
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    I had a similar problem with Itunes where EVERY TIME I would launch the application it would do the "Determining gapless playback" on about 26 songs.
    Itunes would basically freeze for 5 minutes at every launch.

    However, I started noticing that it was always doing for the same songs. I tried to play the songs but there was no sound. I tried to play the songs in VLC player and it was obvious that the MP3s were somewhat corrupted ( a bunch of gibberish sounds.)

    To resolve the issue I half of the songs and relaunched Itunes.
    As I expected, Itunes only executed the DGP on half of the songs as before.
    Since I wanted to keep my songs, I used mp3val to fix the remaining corrupted songs.

    Now my Itunes 9 launches with no issues.

    Hope this helps those facing similar issues.
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    This just started happening to me, sometimes it freezes on the album artwork part and sometimes it freezes on gapless playback determination bullsh*t. I've left my computer on for 12+ hours a few times to no avail. My music library is 77GB i believe it's around 33,000 songs. When i first got the computer and added all the music it did it relatively quick with no issues so something must have gone wrong. I am running the newest version of itunes and also the newest version of Snow Leopard. I used to be able to sync my 3GS iPhone but now everytime i open itunes it freezes within 10 seconds and just starts to beachball for hours without any visible progress.

    From the ridiculous amount of forums i've read it sounds like i'm S.O.L but hopefully someone on here (hint hint Apple Genius Bar poons)might have a good way to resolve this issue.

    Please help!!!!
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